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Thanks for this post. I came across a preset that was using this feature and unable to figure out how the sequence could be running at different rates for each voice. A very cool feature for sure, I'm going to explore this one further.

I've been mapping Aalto for use in Logic with a Nektar Panorama controller. The Panorama sees all the parameters that the host (Logic) has access to. I can assign each to a slider, encoder or button. Everything is working great so far, I have control over every knob and switch visible in the Aalto GUI. However, I came across two parameters that I don't understand:


When I adjust this parameter I see no change on the screen and don't hear anything.

This is a single parameter that I have not mapped to anything yet. What does this do?

OK thanks.

I'm on a Mac.

When I do a "Save As" inside Aalto it takes me to Library/Audio/Presets/MadronaLabs/Aalto and shows me a number of directories and I can also create new directories.

But outside of Aalto when I go to Library/Audio/Presets/MadronaLabs/Aalto I only see the directories whose names start with "Aalto". Where the heck are the rest of the patch directories?

EDIT: I found a post here in the Forums that indicated my patches are in ~/Library, not Library. Problem solved.

Before I start writing my own, has anyone created a custom template for Automap 4?