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I have a Soundplane that I am willing to sell. Message me at myluckyfeet at if you're interested

Hi Randy!

I followed the instructions in the read me file when installing the new Soundplane software. I went to move the zonepatch folder to the directory application support/madrona labs/soundplane but it did not exist. So I created it manually and I still am not seeing the zone patch in the sound plane menu. Should the previous stated directory have been automatically created? I'm on OSX Mavericks. Thank you! =Aaron

Got it! I didn't realize apple hid that other library. So strange. Thanks for the help!

I've got the soundplane up and running, but cannot figure out how to midimap any of the x, y, z parameters. I downloaded the max patch, and tried to drop it into ableton but it won't allow me. I need some more instruction on what to do with the max patch. Thanks!

I finally figured out how to do what I wanted. With the use of Midipipe I am able to change the CCs 11 and 74 to different numbers, which allows me to control different knobs of my external synth. Phew!

I looked throughout the configure menu, but see no option to change soundplane's output cc, or any other midi controllers out cc. Am I overlooking something?

Ok, I've figured out that I need a Max device that allows me to convert an incoming cc number, for example 74, to a different outgoing cc number. I've searched the devices on cycling 74 but have not found one. Does anyone know of one already created? I have no experience programming max, but I suppose I will learn if I can't find this device. Thanks!

How do I program the soundplane to control different knobs of a synth? For example, moving up and down on the y axis the HP filter would change. Sorry this is hard for me to explain.
Basically, how do I make the soundplane work like it does in the videos? hahaha! Because so far it has not been easy. THanks!