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I've got the soundplane up and running, but cannot figure out how to midimap any of the x, y, z parameters. I downloaded the max patch, and tried to drop it into ableton but it won't allow me. I need some more instruction on what to do with the max patch. Thanks!

Until the mapping features are added to the software, there are default MIDI controller maps. Pitch is sent out with a combination of note-on and pitch bend. Y is sent out controller 74 (timbre). Z is sent out controller 11 and channel pressure.

Ableton is not the best at dealing with MIDI---it removes the channel information from each note so that the independent pitch bends coming from the Soundplane are lost.

I have never personally tried to use Max for Live, so hopefully someone else will chime in.

I'm working on the user mapping features again now that the hardware is going smoothly, so these should be available soon. Meanwhile let me know what you want to do and I can help you or even add some stopgap features.

How do I program the soundplane to control different knobs of a synth? For example, moving up and down on the y axis the HP filter would change. Sorry this is hard for me to explain.
Basically, how do I make the soundplane work like it does in the videos? hahaha! Because so far it has not been easy. THanks!

do you do any programming? if so max/msp is your friend
I am waiting on my soundplane at the moment but according to what randy said you should be able to use [ctlin 74], [ctlin 11] to get the Y/Z coordinates.
or hook up a [midi] parse and look at what is doing then send your signals accordingly

either by hosting your synth in max and modulating it through [vst~] or by sending the midi data out a midiout object and receiving it in ableton then applying it where needed

what will be easiest wether you don't want to do the programming, don't know how/ won't learn, or don't want to pay for max/msp (puredata is free and easy as well) would be to simply wait for the features to be added.

are you not able to get it working with aalto? or are you just wanting to use it with other synths?

because in the videos it is working with aalto and max/msp programs (at least as far as I have seen, but if you have some other examples I would love to see them!)

How do I program the soundplane to control different knobs of a synth? For example, moving up and down on the y axis the HP filter would change.

The answer totally depends on the environment you are working in. Are you using OSC or MIDI? What VST / AU host? and so on.

It's easiest to use Aalto over OSC. In Aalto over OSC the x/y/z signals all come out right into the patcher. You can see the lights change when you move a touch, and then connect that signal to any parameter you want, like filter cutoff.

To set up Aalto over OSC, just make sure OSC is enabled in the Soundplane app, and run Aalto in any host. That's it. Aalto will display "t3d connected" and you are up and running.

If you want to use another synth plugin, you will have to use MIDI. So you need to know how your host application handles MIDI mapping. Some hosts like Live make this very easy. Others not so much . But in any case you map MIDI CC 74 to whatever you want.

Thanks Wednesday!

Ok, I've figured out that I need a Max device that allows me to convert an incoming cc number, for example 74, to a different outgoing cc number. I've searched the devices on cycling 74 but have not found one. Does anyone know of one already created? I have no experience programming max, but I suppose I will learn if I can't find this device. Thanks!

Have you tried just using Ableton’s Configure menu to map the Soundplane’s output CC to whatever knob you want?

I looked throughout the configure menu, but see no option to change soundplane's output cc, or any other midi controllers out cc. Am I overlooking something?

I finally figured out how to do what I wanted. With the use of Midipipe I am able to change the CCs 11 and 74 to different numbers, which allows me to control different knobs of my external synth. Phew!

With the hardware being a pain to finish this time around, the planned software mapping features in the Soundplane app have not been done yet. Thanks for your patience and I'm glad you found a workaround in the meantime.