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Hi there

I'm sort of directing this question at Mack Fischer who made that great video about running Aalto within Max. My question is relating to the parameters filter_cutoff and osc_pitch. I can't get them to work at all, if I plug any number from Max into Aalto with either of those prefixes, they just move back to their lowest numbers, 20 and 27.5Hz respectively. Any idea how to get these parameters to work in Max?

Thank you.

Yeah I think VST input mappings work a little differently to AU, I don't have the VST installed so can't do a test. Still, it's bliss to have an actual smooth, slow pitch and filter ramp/envelope rather than the low-resolution crap that Live and Logic give me!

Heyyy, lo and behold, I accidentally found out how.

Turns out the "filter_cutoff" parameter doesn't respond to "filter_cutoff" prefix, but instead to the prefix "117". Similarly, the "osc_pitch" parameter responds to the prefix "87". So for the filter cutoff parameter I'm running a number box (range 20-20000) into a message with contents "117 $1" and that's going into the vst~ object, and the osc pitch is getting manipulated with a flonum (range 27.5-3520.) into a message with contents "87 $1" into the vst~ object.

I hope that helps some people!

PS I'm using the Audio Unit version of Aalto, not sure if this happens with the VST version.