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Please forgive me if you have posted to this kind of question before, I am new.

My stuff
11-2011 MacBook Pro 17 inch (I7 core), 500Gig Solid State Drive, 16 Gig Ram. OX 10.8 mountain Lion... Native Instruments Komplete 8; Analog Factory. Scarlet 8I6 card... (I know)

I have been running Ableton Live 8 as a layering host. Meaning I play live, and essentially have about 6 tracks up, and monitored, and I play them all live as one layer of six voices. I just adjust volume as I need "voices" inside songs... I use piano, a couple of electric pianos, some strings and pads, etc...

got to thinking it might be overkill for what I used it for and frankly didn't like all the sounds coming with the live 8 suite.

In ableton I was getting 35% usage on my CPU. Sometimes 40 to 45%... Then I purchased Mainstage and basically slammed my CPU. No changes. just set up layers. And only four of them! I tried a couple of 'blogged' solutions like shutting down wifi.. lowering volume controls below 0.0 db. but really, I don't understand why I have to kill applications, and shut down all kind of things to run it. Please continue to troubleshoot it if you have not.

On a side note... if this doesn't work out, can you recommend a host that can play layers of AU's? and has a low profile? Something like Mainstage can do? it seems it is really set for live layering... but maybe just didn't quite get there?