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I'm using Aalto 1.1 with Logic 8, 10.5.6.

The automation for me isn't working great. If I want to automate the sequncer by using the "touch" selection on the channel strip it isn't recording. I have to go into the drop down menu and manually draw it. I can't draw in the same way I can use the dials etc.. I have various issues with being able to record me tweaking the synth live into the automation portions of the synth track. I'm wondering if this is suppossed to work like this? Ocassionally if I try to automate in touch mode, turning a dial from .18 - 9.1 lets say, it will deliver the automation at the first point I touched the dial .18, but record none of the live performance. What is the capability of the "touch" recording for automation with Logic etc?

Thank you.

Yeah I guess it was more of a graphics issue. If you are still reading this the biggest problme I have with Aalto so far is at start up. If I shut down the project in Logic, when I open it back up Aalto does not make any sounds unless I change a patch or clear the plugin and reopen it. In other words if I have sequnces made and sounds working with the synth, close it, when I open it up Aalto is not working like all the other synths and sounds. I usually have to shut it down and reopen. Small issue, but slightly tedious. I notice it happens alot if I save a template with Aalto in the instrument channel etc.


I should also add that when using the sequencer the graphics have diappeared from the sequencer when trying to automate etc. If I click the Aalto screen they reappear. It doesn't seem to effect the audio portion etc. It only happens a small amount. FYI Some of the parameters automate with no problem, but just ran into the sequencer issue as I was using it for something. Thank you.

Nice. I've got some parts to record once the host sync is working well.