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250+ mA is a lot to take from the 5v buss. I would suggest trying to use a regulator and take it from the +12v. There are a few threads about this on Muffs and a few DIY folk have done it already for their modules (I can dig up specifics if you need links).

Other than that - dont make it SoundPlane exclusively. ExpertSleepers has just done a USB host module and Mutable Instruments have the CV Pal. If folk that dont have a SoundPlane can use it your not limiting your market to a)People with a SoundPlane b)people with a SoundPane and a Eurorack who want to use them together. There are a lot of iPad and android users out there - x, y and z work on those devices too :-)

Finally as its for SoundPlane I'd call it the Madrona Airport.