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Not sure what changed but everything loads fine now. But still have the white window issue in Live 9.1.7 32bit. Will send the Terminal output. Thanks!

For me, Aalto 1.6 AU does not load at all in Live 9.1.7, neither 64 or 32 bit.
Aalto 1.6 VST is fine in 64 bit, but the white window issue in 32.

No problems at all in Logic 10.1.0. Also no problem in Reaper.

I'm running mac OS 10.10.2


Does Kaivo output multichannel audio when there is a multichannel file in granulator? Neither Reaper nor Logic recognize it as a multichannel instrument so I guess not. But I'm hoping I'm doing something wrong because it would be totally amazing if it did! Next upgrade maybe?

Thanks Randy! Yes, after working with Kaivo for a while I realized it was a (great) way to increase the sound palette. I would totally love to see a multi channel version of your apps! Like a virtual Buchla 204 or 227e. That would be a dream come true! After years of working with Mort Subotnick, I'm always looking for ways to spatialize my sounds. Don't know why more people aren't doing it. I've piped Aalto thru the various Max4Live spatial devices and it adds so much to an already excellent synth.

I'm really enjoying the work you do. Thanks for the great sounds!