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Wow! Thanks for the reverb; something I consider an integral part of Aalto but a great sound in it's own right. I've been using Aalto on almost every track that needs a "WTF" sound, and even chordy stuff. As someone who's looking to build a dedicated WIndows box just for music I'll be excited when you get finished with the work on Aalto for that platform as well!

One feature request that would be cool... is there any way that you can consider implementing an offline rendering mode with oversampling so we can work in our session with moderate CPU use then render in high quality?

Thanks again for Aalto!

Hey jsph! Glad to see Monomers checking out Aalto. Hehe.

Hi everyone! Firstly, Aalto is a beautiful sounding synth that definitely fills a gap in my collection. Beautiful analogy-ness and great fun to patch everything around then watch it come to life in a song. I've been recommending this synth to all of my geeky friends!!

Anyways. The issue I'm seeing is whenever I automate a parameter in Aalto then stop playback in the host, Aalto no longer makes any sounds and doesn't respond to my MIDI keyboard or to MIDI clips in Live. In order to get Aalto to make any sound after this, I have to actually turn the AU off then on again in Live's track area at the bottom of the screen.

If this is a bug that you're aware of... oops. But otherwise i'm running Ableton 8.2 (this behavior also occurred in 8.1.5) and Mac OS 10.6.4. Thanks again for the awesome instrument!