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I feel like a right plonker, haha. I've realised what my problem was all along with the partials thing - I've been expoerting from Vutu using the wrong export button, and exporting .wavs instead of .utu files. I can't believe I hadn't noticed until just now (by way of a rather poor excuse, I've recently been prescribed reading glasses and I haven't been wearing them while I've been doing this...) ANyway, I now have a custom folder of partials to choose from. Sorry for the dodgy report and good luck with the bug squishing!

Something which I didn't mention with regards to the failing import of a Partials folder, is that since I tried to import the Vutu folder, when I load a new instance of Sumu, the default patch shows a message saying "partials file not found" instead of loading the A440 tone. I can manually choose the A440 tone, but it doesn't load up with the plugin in its initial state anymore (and this happens even if I manually choose the A440 tone and resave the patch over the Default preset). I'm 99% sure this didn't happen before I tried to import a new folder into the Partials section. I've tried deleting Sumu and reinstalling etc, but the same thing keeps happening.

Thanks for the reply Randy - the issue is, though, that no folder or files appear in the browserin the Partials folder after importing. I tried several times with the folder I was importing in a few different locations in case it was a permissions issue, but it just doesn't appear at all. I'll try again later.

EDIT: Forgot to mention I'm using the AU version

Hi Randy -

Loving what I'm hearing with Sumu so far, but as reported earlier in the thread, Sumu isn't adding the folder I've assigned for my own Vutu-generated partials when clicking the three dots in the Partials section and importing. Tried restarting Sumu and Live, moving the folder to a different location (into the existing top-level Partials folder), but no joy. Even moving the individual .utu file into one of the existing default Partials folders doesn't seem to pick up the change in the folder and make the new file visible.

Thanks for the awesome synth though - loving some of the results I'm getting with the included partial maps! Can't wait to be able to add my own!

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Hi -

I wondered if there was any possibility of making a standalone version of Aalto so it can run without a host? I'm a big fan of doing sound design at work when i'm supposed to be working, and it's much easier to get away with it if I only have to close down a single app rather than Logic when my boss comes over to ask me what I'm doing.

I'm completely in love this synth by the way; it's taken a couple of nights to get used to it but already it's opened up a whole new palette of sound to me, and I want to have its babies. Can't wait for the updates!