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I briefly scanned the manual about this but could not find an answer but forgive me if I've missed something.

I'm on Windows 7, Ableton 9.7, latest Aalto version.

I would like to automate the Pitch knob in a way that it respects the intervals it has (the manual calls this de-tends). Doing this manually gives me very nice results but I'm not able to recreate this with automation.
The closest I get is to group Aalto, assigning Pitch to a Macro knob and restricting the range. However, since the Macro's have only 127 positions it will never match the intervals of the Aalto pitch knob (and other knobs )

I suspect it's not possible ...in which case it might be something to add in a future update maybe?

Thanks randy! That's a workaround I've been using.

The scenario I was thinking of is that when assigning an LFO (er even an envelope) to the Pitch knob, the values would jump between the detents.
Imagine a fast envelope setting making the pitch jump through a couple of detent values...crazy stuff ..