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I briefly scanned the manual about this but could not find an answer but forgive me if I've missed something.

I'm on Windows 7, Ableton 9.7, latest Aalto version.

I would like to automate the Pitch knob in a way that it respects the intervals it has (the manual calls this de-tends). Doing this manually gives me very nice results but I'm not able to recreate this with automation.
The closest I get is to group Aalto, assigning Pitch to a Macro knob and restricting the range. However, since the Macro's have only 127 positions it will never match the intervals of the Aalto pitch knob (and other knobs )

I suspect it's not possible which case it might be something to add in a future update maybe?

Can you turn on record automation to record the manual tweaking of the knob you are doing? That should work. Then if you want to edit it you'll have all those values in the automation track to cut and paste.

Thanks randy! That's a workaround I've been using.

The scenario I was thinking of is that when assigning an LFO (er even an envelope) to the Pitch knob, the values would jump between the detents.
Imagine a fast envelope setting making the pitch jump through a couple of detent values...crazy stuff ..

If I did this I would probably make it quantize to whatever scale is selected in the KEY module. Then adding a scale that just has the dial detents in it should give you what you want also.

Oh that would be super cool. If you do this please update Virta as well!