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Hi Guillaume ! I have contacted you by email but got no response... maybe something went wrong with your email address ? If you're not interested anymore, please let us know, so other people can know it is still available... Cheers !

Hi there, I'm intending to sell my soundplane, if anyone is still looking for one... It's still in perfect condition: I only used it a few times in studio. I'm selling it because I've moved to doing mainly installation projects, for which I don't need it any more.

I am asking 1650$ and take care of the shipment.

+1 (for other parameters)

Hi there,

I would like to get the matrix data of the soundplane into Max (through OSC, of course) in order to process it in other ways than the current touch paradigm (for example for processing palm touches or other surfaces...)

Would this be a sensible feature request ?


Pascal Baltazar

agreed - I (probably naively) thought there was one float per key, but yes, 512 floats is perfect !

Hi again,

when I'm adding a second touch nearby a first one (e.g. on an adjacent "key"), no new touch is created, but instead the first touch is moved in the middle of both...

also, I have the impression that, the nearest my second touch is to the first, the biggest is the actual detection threshold for the second touch to appear (even if the threshold parameter is set to 0.)

Are you planning to improve these in a next software update, Randy ?

BTW, am I being clear enough in my description ?

Thanks for your great work !!!


Pascal Baltazar

Thanks for the reply.

The repository is now cloned, and monitored, though I'm not sure I can contribute so much to the code because I don't have very high programming skills besides of Max, but I can contribute ideas, yes, for sure !

Oh, that's nice, thank you !

Are you planning to do this as a list of (150 or so) floats ?
Or do you have another plan ?