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Hi again,

when I'm adding a second touch nearby a first one (e.g. on an adjacent "key"), no new touch is created, but instead the first touch is moved in the middle of both...

also, I have the impression that, the nearest my second touch is to the first, the biggest is the actual detection threshold for the second touch to appear (even if the threshold parameter is set to 0.)

Are you planning to improve these in a next software update, Randy ?

BTW, am I being clear enough in my description ?

Thanks for your great work !!!


Pascal Baltazar

Separating the adjacent touches well is a difficult problem. As with any research topic, it is impossible to promise exactly when I can deliver results, but please know it is very important to me and I will be working on it.

Yes this proximity effect you describe is part of the touch code as well, and I do hope to eliminate it. Right now it is needed to avoid some false touches from nearby ones.

You can see the work in progress at, and I welcome your ideas.

Thanks for the reply.

The repository is now cloned, and monitored, though I'm not sure I can contribute so much to the code because I don't have very high programming skills besides of Max, but I can contribute ideas, yes, for sure !