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No prob and thank you. Now I'm a happy licensee of all your software.

Thank you so much; greatly appreciated. Re the sale, the Madrona facebook page announced an extension to the sale thru September 7 and advised we (continue to) use the same sale code. At least one other person has also commented on that post about their inability to use the sale code but hope springs eternal… or for another few days anyway, ha. Thanks again!

As always, thanks for your response. The vox output constant is clear and yes, I have studied the manual start to finish. It's a wonderful manual; I'm apparently just not grasping some concept re how to address each voice individually. Perhaps the various technique patches will become clearer to me in time. Right now though I'm wondering why BEACONHILL is being rejected as a code on the Kaivo sale. When entered it's returned as "Unknown coupon code: BEACONHILL". I'd love to buy it while it's still on sale.

Greetings. Read everything here and have tried repeatedly but I still haven't succeeded in gaining control over the aligning of independent parameters with independent voices in Aalto; I fear the same problem in Kaivo which I do plan to purchase before the current sale ends. I truly love Aalto, it's wonderful, but would gladly pay for a step by step manual or video instruction addressing in detail the use of the independent voices. All best to you.

Son of a gun, NOW it passed in DP. THANK YOU and no need to stress the Terminal text. Best to you, greatly appreciate your taking the time to support. Steve

Thank you, Randy. I've emailed the Terminal text as you requested. Thanks again for any help you might offer. Best, Steve

Randy, thanks for your response. Aalto shows up in the DP 6.02 Plug-in Preferences window as "Failed" The Aalto component is in place as you advised (the component is dated July, 25, 2011). Believe it or not I have no file titled ~/Library/Caches/ Any other possibilities?

At worst I can run Bidule as a DP plug-in and then load Aalto 1.7 as a VST within Bidule… but would be hip to run Aalto (as with previous versions) without the intermediary step. Best and thanks again, Steve

Greetings. Running OX10.7.5 and Digital Performer 6.02 (old, I know, sorry). Just installed Aalto 1.7 - it turns up only as a VST in Bidule 0.9728 and it fails as an AU plugin in Performer. Any ideas? And where would it be found on my hard drive? Thanks.

I have pretty much the same issue. I'm running OX10.5.8; the Aalto 1.4 installer seemed to work fine this morning but the plug in runs in neither DP6 nor Bidule; it's just not there! For the moment I reinstalled Aalto 1.3.2 without any problem but I would love to move up to 1.4. Should I try the 1.4.1 installer or wait a further update? Let me take the opportunity here to also say Randy, I LOVE Aalto.

Greetings from NYC. I just purchased Aalto 1.3. Should I uninstall my Demo 1.2.6. program & patches before installing 1.3? Just hoping to avoid any confusion here. I'm running Mac OSX 10.5.8 if that matters. Thanks much; really enjoyed the demo but waited to purchase because of weak eyes. Can't wait to get up and running. Best, Steve

Thank you.