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Hi Wednesday,

I would definitely love to see what you cooked up!
If anything, it's always interesting to see how people deal with similar tasks.
Totally understand that a patch made forone's own use isn't always as polished as could be... I know one aren't :-)
So, please do share!

On a related note: I did try loading Aalto component/AU into the VST object , which did not crash. So, small victory there.

Looking toward to your patch(es)!

I am curious if anybody would have a recommendation on a best way of using Aalto as a standalone on a Mac. Or as close to standalone as possible (as in using a really simple but functional VST host or wrapper).
Any recommendation will be highly appreciated!
Thank you for your advice.

Ah, found my own answer: AU Lab.

I would also like to find out more about this...
Anybody had any luck with Aalto in PT?

I tried running the Aalto demo in the max5, and had it crash every single time. I used the VST object and tried loading the VST version of Aalto.
From what you guys are saying loading the component (AU) into VST object in max is stable?
Anyone tried running it in Max 5?
and BTW:
I wish running plugins in max was a bit easier. The implementation (at least in version 5) is rather minimal. Inability to easily load presets is just weird.