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I'm excited about the new features in 1.3, it's pretty much all that I could have expected, plus a lot more that I didn't expect. So I hate to complain. But... that gradient in the background makes some controls harder to see than others. The contrast changes vertically and the UI seems much less unified and cohesive.

Is there any way to go back to the flat look of the previous versions? The previous UI was really nice and this change is for the worse, in my opinion. I think it was good to increase the contrast and color intensity on the controls, but the background gradient makes this improvement less noticeable depending on where in the UI a control is located.

I've opened the Aalto package on Mac OS X but the resource files seem to be inaccessible, or I'd just change it keep my UI preferences to myself.

Nice to see some discussion here (especially agreement, ha). Would like to see the gradient toned down in future releases. I did notice that the previous UI had a gradient but it was very subtle. The new one does make it somewhat harder to switch visual focus between controls. Kind of like reading this text:,MSDN.10%29.jpg

When I post a thread comment, sign in, or take some other action that would lead to reloading a thread with new info, the thread displayed is always the previous thread visited.

For example, I posted a comment on Thread A, and had Thread B open in a new tab. Once the page reloads after my comment post, Thread B is now open in the tab that previously displayed Thread A.

I'm using Firefox 14 with no add-ons that would seem to cause such behavior. Anyone else noticing this?

Note: this happened again when I created this thread. After submitting my post, I was redirected to the "Beautiful Site Design" thread which I had open in another tab, instead of being shown my own post.