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can't wait. I hope I can use it finally

thank you. I can't imagine not to have this one ;)

this software is amazing, thank you.
but I can't buy it, the demo's CPU usage is always 100% +, so I can't really use it. I have dual core 2.6 with Win 8.1 and Live 9.
I remember Aalto used a lot in the first times too, but after the updates that is okay.

Is it only my problem? What can I do to solve this?
I really want to have this software.

thank you!

amazing! thank you!

        What OS? What did you do when it crashed?

I tried out some new patches, changed some parameters. Controlled with a MIDI controller. It worked for 10-15 mins, maybe too much parameters changed or something.

Windows 7 with Live.

I have Live 8.2.1 and it crashed 2/2 time when use the new update.

great, thank you.

i bought the software some minutes ago, but read here about a lot of ideas for further developments.
so, will the updates cost extra money, or who has already bought it get it free?

sorry for asking this kind of questions, but I can't afford everything.

i bought Aalto for the same reason, just to be able to use some wicked always changing tiny voices in my music, like Ricardo and Pedro does.

all of these Garf patches are extremely good, hope I can learn the software easily and I will be able to do something similar.