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2.7 GHz Intel Core i5
8GB Ram

Hello Randy,
I too am having big CPU meter increase with the new Aalto 1.8.1b1 (AU and VST).
I am also using a MacBook Pro Retina 13" early 2015, running El Capitan 10.11.6.
I am using it within Ableton Live. When I open Live with nothing in a set, my CPU meter sits at 2%. As soon as I drop Aalto on a MIDI track, with the Default preset, it jumps to 40-44%...the meter moves between those percentages. When I switch to one of the Alessandro's Machines presets, some of them lower the CPU in the 18-30% range. Then, when I switch back to the Default preset, it then hovers between 20-24%. I tried the Richard Devine 'Mechanics' presets and thy vary from 18%-45% depending on the preset. It's odd that the Aalto Default is always in the 40% range as soon as I put Aalto on a track, but is then lower after I switch back to it from another preset.
Please know I love Aalto and am not sharing this to complain---but rather to keep you in the loop. Thanks for your brilliant work!