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A place for Kaivo patches! Just select copy to clipboard from the patch menu, and paste here to share.

I've deployed the update to the main product pages now.

I've now deployed the release to the main product pages.

There have been some crashes that revealed themselves in more recent versions of Ableton Live and it sounds like you are experiencing that. Sorry for the frustration.

I'm just about ready to release an upgrade to both plugins. Currently squashing some final issues with Kaivo. Aalto should be fixed. You can try the Aalto installer:
http://madronalabs.com/media/aalto/Aalto1.8.4.pkg (Mac)
http://madronalabs.com/media/aalto/AaltoInstaller1.8.4.exe (Win)

You are not hearing the triggers because you have 'x vel' on ENV1 turned on. This multiplies the output of the envelope by the MIDI note velocity. Maybe not intuitively, it also applies when the trigger is coming from the sequencer! So without any MIDI input you won't get audible envelopes.

I'm working on the Windows update and will release ASAP.

Yes it will. Sorry the beta is only on Mac this time because that's where I'm developing. thanks for your patience.

Yes it will. Sorry the beta is only on Mac this time because that's where I'm developing. thanks for your patience.

Great Journey, thanks for sharing! I like the feel of this stuff many people would do with sequencers but played live.

I don't think putting videos here is possible and I guess that's a feature.

Checked out AE modular a bit and that looks like a fun project.


Full support! I look forward to its development.

A bump so the beta is more visible. Kaivo and Aalto releases coming soon.

Good news! I'll get the full release out including a Windows version ASAP.

I think I have fixed this. A beta for Mac OS is available at http://madronalabs.com/media/kaivo/Kaivo1.8.4b2.pkg .

Yup, I've been thinking the same thing. Not only did computers get faster, I did a lot of optimization since little Aalto 1.0 came out. So 8 voices is no problem. I feel like that's the sweet spot because the scope-dials get very cluttered with more indicators in them six or so (one per voice).

In any case more voices is a definite plan for Aalto 2 along with a big list of other improvements I have in mind. On the inevitable question of timing I'll only say "hopefully later this year."

I know Roger Linn has done some demos with it, which I was happy to see. So there must be others...

I'm working on it.

Thanks for the thoughts. Right now it's just me doing software and support. Hopefully adding iOS stuff will help me get to the point where I can take on some help on the support end.

I got the identical request via email today... AM in the air? I'll definitely explore this for the next major Aalto update.

As soon as I have a fix to try I'll post a beta here!

Pitch bend is really rolled in with key pitch right now in the instrument so there is no way to access the pitch bend amount without the note's pitch added. I can see where what you're proposing would be useful.

In the meantime could use just use a different controller and assign that controller number to the mod output?

Yeah I agree there needs to be more control here. My favorite example is when tweaking the filter to track the pitch, but also an envelope. There's no way to really get the control you might want over both.

I'm looking at ways to allow this kind of flexibility in the next major revision.

Thanks for the feedback and again, sorry we lost your original comment @easel.

hi @easel that's exactly right. The first voice starts at 0 so you get 0, 1, 2, 3. Adding this to the sequence offset can produce a number of different sequences given the right scaling. That's what the multi seq patch aims to demonstrate.

I remember I scanned the posts and someone had two suggestions: one about more or virtual attenuverters, and I can't remember the other...

Thanks for that Simon. I'm on the trail of the issue now. More soon.

And eventually the 64 bit version does it too. This might take a little while to track down because it takes so long to reproduce, but I'll figure it out.

News flash: I finally got the degradation using the 32-bit version. It took a half hour or so running the default patch. The granulator waveform did not seem to matter—I have other clues. I'm going to leave the 64-bit version running overnight and see what happens.

It makes perfect sense that I would never have run into the problem if it's 32-bit only, because I only ever run a 32 bit version long enough to do some compatibility tests.

Note that the issue we are currently discussing in this thread is probably different from what @dawbakhos posted originally! Because this granulator issue is a gradual degradation and not sudden at all.

Simon, I have your "Sine Test" patch running with your source waveform, with an audio buffer size of 512. (Audio buffer size is the next thing I was going to ask, good call) I have it running for an hour now with no problems yet. Which is a bit frustrating—I'd love to fix this. I'll keep trying different things.

I listened to the recording of the patch gradually degrading that you posted. Is this cut and pasted from worse degradation that took place over time and if so, how long? If you don't play any notes but just turn the gate up to hear the oscillator does the granulator output still degrade?

Can you get the problem to occur with the Kaivo default patch and the built-in sine wave?

Also, Simon, what host version and OS version are you using? People are seeing issues on Mac OS so I've been testing there but if I still can't reproduce it I'll have to try to duplicate your setup as much as possible.

Finally, I notice you are wrapping playback around the end of the sample in the patch you sent above. If you move the horizontal position in the granulator sample to the middle does anything change? Just a longshot but if true, might help me track it down if it's wrap-related.

There's no quick way to turn sound off and on again. If you turn the number of voices down to 1 it will turn off all voices but the first one. Maybe I should make this dial go to 0 in the future. Very sorry your new synth is acting badly but I'll fix it soon here... as soon as I can reproduce it. What Live version are you running exactly? What audio buffer size are you using? Are you able to try the 64 bit version?

I have to finish Sumu first. So, no release at Superbooth unfortunately. Time really does fly.


That's another interesting clue (the voices degrade independently). I'm just not sure at this point whether it's the granulator or resonators—there could be multiple issues confusing things as well.

I take it you are on Windows then. It's unlikely anything would be different there versus Mac OS, but possible! If you can verify that the issue happens when you are not using the resonators, only the granulator, that would be helpful. (turn resonators to "none" and hear if it ever still degrades)