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OK, I hear all this and am sorry you can't use my instruments right now. I'm eager to fix this situation.

I've been looking at the Roland JV-1080 softsynth! Those sounds are very cool and of a certain time and a million miles away from what I will ever do...

What would I know? I just work here.

I've fixed a few issues and uploaded a new beta version for intrepid Kaivo users: Kaivo1.3.3b1.

This beta is for Mac OS only. I plan to ship the final Mac version as well as the Windows version next week. I'll also update the other plugins with the relevant fixes then.


  • bugfix: the sequencer was not retriggering from reset input
  • bugfix: .kbm mappings were not always using all notes
  • bugfix: .kbm mappings were not setting reference note properly
  • fixed a rare condition where the metal string resonator could lock up

If you noticed any changes in how your patches behaved after installing Kaivo 1.3.1, hopefully the sequencer fix will get them back in shape.

There is no doubt that I will be continuing to improve Kaivo and all the plugins. Right now there has been longer between updates than usual because I'm working on other things.

All my plugins are considered ready for sale at version 1.0. After that they continue to improve, hopefully.

The next release will not be about optimization, but rather fixes to scale and note handling and some other bugs that are on the list. I hope these address your stability issues.

I'm currently working on another project for Superbooth coming up next week. Afterwards I'll return to plugin work full time.

Thanks for your support and your patience.

I am really liking the design! If Kaivo is granular meets physical modeling, then Sumu is additive meets FM. More soon.

Thanks for sending the example and the additional comment. Hopefully this helps me track it down ASAP. Apparently some scale+kbm combinations are not working. I'm taking a look at this today. It's the same code in all of the plugins so if it's not working in Aalto there's no need to try it in Kaivo and so forth.

Of course: email me at support@madronalabs.com and I'll sort it out.

I can look into adding some kind of expert UI for this. As a workaround I would suggest just making a duplicate of your Scala tuning like "MyAwesomeTuning_A432.scl" and an associated .kbm.

Thanks for the follow up. I'll make sure that the plugins can respond to the "all notes off" message in the future.

Maybe more importantly, I would like to fix the stuck notes condition. If you are able to describe how to get a stuck note so that i can reproduce it, I will investigate. I could try installing Usine Hollyhock and running your patch. I've never used this program before so if you have time please break it down into the simplest thing that will cause the problem!

Probably lots to do beforehand but I'm listening.

This is the kind of thing I could see adding.

Alex, I can probably make you a one-off. Please email me and we'll work something out.

Should be there by 6 April.

Thank you!

Ode school!

@masarin you can pick "see size guide" at the following page:

@starthief I have added that option now!

Hmm, I haven't run into this but I'll try to reproduce on Windows 10.

Others have reported bugs with the Scala handling. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll take a look at this scale as well as my other test cases and keep you posted on a fix, later this week I hope.

This thread got lifted up by a spam comment and then I saw I never replied. Sorry about that!

Aalto does a basic version of MPE without some of the possible configuration options. It only responds to notes on channels 2 and up, and on channel 1 (main) to affect all notes as spec'd in MPE.

Sorry this was frustrating. It's supposed to be very easy: the Aalto installer just installs all the presets.

What OS are you running on? What did you do to fix the issue? Did you find the presets elsewhere on disk? Thanks for any additional info.

If I can do it without changing the panel, I might. I've thought about adding an A/B kinda thing where one panel could control two objects in an expert mode. Thanks for the feedback.

The patches are just JSON files. You should be able to edit the sample_name parameter and save a copy with a text editor. Then you can switch between those patches either with the main patch menu or by putting them in the MIDI Programs directory and using pgm change.

Kaivo is not doing anything special with the files, currently. Feel free to drop any short WAV in there. I wanted the ability to store things like grain start points with the file, so importing is the go-to method but there is not any saving of preprocessing happening, currently. If you put in a lot of long files, Kaivo may take longer to start up.

I used to put things in Application Support. Then Apple decided to make the ~/Library folder invisible by default and I found myself explaining over and over again to people both how to find it and why I would hide stuff away in an invisible folder. I could implement a redirect function for power users at some point.

Yes, these parameters currently behave like this. It should be possible to fix. I'll take a look.

Currently un-possible. I'm adding a feature request for this.

However, a workaround would be to make two or more patches equal in everything but the sample source, and use MIDI program select or something to switch between them. The sound engine is not required to do a reset between patches, and so if the body types etc. are not changed, you should have continuity of sound.

If you find the MIDI Programs are not being sorted correctly, that's not you, it's a recently discovered issue on my end.

Good morning... Yes nonlin doesn't really do anything for some models. For others it does something but is subtle. The gut string should be not subtle- there it affects the tension modulation and thus the pitch envelope. Sorry if this was driving you crazy.

A lot of code is shared between the plugins. If I fix it for one of them, I'll release fixes for all ASAP. Thanks for the reminder.