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@ ak4115, please go ahead!


Hi and thanks!

I have enough people now to try a bunch of different hosts.

If you didn't get here in time, don't worry --- If all goes well the release should be in 2-3 weeks.

I know the forum software is a little bit primitive. I will fix some of these issues soon after Windows beta.

I have heard there are some good LPG clones out there.

I'm not sure there's anything close to the oscillator. The Harvestman Hertz Donut does some wicked sounds and has a similar layout, but sounds quite different.

As far as the waveguide, I don't think there's anything like it in a modular-- if there were, it would have to be a DSP.

OK, if the update does not fix this, I will get back to this issue.


@piebald80, did you ever get it working?

I finished a big step yesterday! Now I'm knocking down Windows bugs and really expect to get to beta soon.

Hi Markus,

Thank you for the report. Having no Maschine unfortunately I can't investigate this. I am hard at work getting the next release out which will include a VST version. Hopefully the VST will be a workaround for this problem.

then you're in the right place...

It's "paste from clipboard" you want. Should work, even if you grab extra characters...

getting closer...


I mean, if you just use the default patch without changing any patch cords, and let it run while you compose notes, or go to a movie or something, can you ever get the audio to cut out? The bug I found would only manifest for more complicated patches.

I found an oscillator out-of-range bug that may be causing your problem. Something needs to be patched into the oscillator in order for it to happen.

If you stick to the default patch, can you ever get the audio to quit?

We have kicked around a few product ideas for the post-Soundplane world; one of them is definitely some kind of Soundplane->CV converter.

Hear you about the Aalto GUI . Some changes are implemented for the next release that should make your life better.

If you have stability concerns please send me specific issues!

I'm working on it. As soon as possible. A very small number of weeks.

If I zoom in as much as possible to the filter freq. automation in Logic, I get the first few steps as 20, 108, 187, 275... not exactly high resolution. I think that there is a restriction to 127 steps in place from way back in Emagic Logic days.

"So why is it"? Because nobody currently maintaining Logic cares enough to make something better I guess. If you read some online forums, you'll find that Logic's automation is a deal-breaker for a lot of pro recording people.

Hi Seth,

As far as I can tell this is Logic's problem. Log scale parameters work properly with Aalto in Live.

I think you mean 1-110 for the LFO range in Logic, which means the range is working correctly, but the log mapping is not.

This has nothing to do with the fine/coarse adjustment which is a UI improvement coming soon.

It's definitely something I'd like to do but it's not at the top of the list. The next release will have VST support and I'll try to make sure it works with the VST/RTAS wrapper.

@synthi Thanks for your vote of confidence. I will definitely post the beta announcement right here.

Aalto is 800 by something. someday i would love to make it (and my whole framework) resolution-independent. Might take a stab at it for version 2.

Hi all! There are around 200 Aalto users now (including all the press NFR copies). I guess this is not a "big" userbase, but to me it's a lot of people I want to make and improve tools for. And having the income means that I can spend a day a week on Soundplane again, and not do other consulting, which is huge.

Toksin, if you have any more specific feedback about GUI stuff, now's the time. What I'm doing is finishing all these visible changes so that the manual and demo movies will be useful on both platforms.

  • wider range: OK, easy.

  • cc control: I try not to add features that are probably covered elsewhere, and it seems like every host has a way of doing MIDI learn. No?

  • gate / waveguide: again trying to keep it simple, this seemed like the best order for the two. Aalto 2 might have options.

  • finetune: yes, some help is needed here

  • velocity: added to aalto 2 list...

Do you see the "factory" scales? The Aalto installer should make a folder /Library/Audio/Presets/Madrona Labs/Scales. This is where the defaults are. You can add your own folders here inside Scales.

Here's a little something for your Monday morning, three short demos designed to show off the wide range of sounds you can make with Aalto...

The first two were put together by me and my friends tea and cough syrup last week. No compositional brilliance here, just a collection of sounds leaning heavily on the presets. All sounds by Aalto. (really.)

The third one is by noise and synth fiend Surachai, a mix of his presets that come from a different and more aggressive perspective that some people will find extra-musical, and others will find right up their alley. Check out Surachai's new noise/synth/metal work Plague Diagram on glorious vinyl and convenient digital.

All these files are downloadable as WAV audio if you want to check the sound quality out for reals. My demos were mixed in Logic Audio with no effects, compression or EQ. So you won't hear the "punch" you are used to in a finished mix, but you will hear just what Aalto sounds like, which I like to think of as solid and unhyped.

What do I mean by unhyped? Aalto is designed to be approachable, but also to be a solid tool for sound makers at any level of expertise. So it always does what it tells you it's doing, without adding any processing to the result that might make it immediately more appealing but less flexible over time. Experienced producers have their own favorite tricks and machines for glossing up a sound or shaping its dynamics, so Aalto doesn't EQ or compress its output--- that's up to you. Instead, I put the effort in on making the raw waveforms and the audio-rate modulations sound as good as possible.

pads and textures:

beats and percussion:

noise and terror:

That LFO level control is clearly needed and will appear soon.

Hi there from Madrona HQ. It's been a while since I posted an update. There's been no shortage of activity here, but it's the kind involved in porting software, a hundred little chores each of which are totally uninteresting to talk about unless we have come to that wonderful time when they are all done. So the train moves forward. Chooooo. In the middle of all this scut work I love to get a note like this out of the blue:

Hey Randy, I don't want to sound too fanboish, but aalto saved my this week. Was working on the first single from our upcoming EP for months now, and that song was a real bugger, because I wasn't satisfied with the direction it took. Bought the aalto thursday evening, played around with it, and voilá, all the pads and squeeks and sequences I was missing came in a rush. Haven't had such an inspirational rush since I bought the MS 20 several years ago. I'm actually planning to use your little beast as our signature sound source on the album.

Just wanted to share that story. Have a listen:

Thanks for bringing up such a good sounding writer's-block-breaker.

Cheers from germany

marco / hearhere

I just tried saving and reloading my preset from GarageBand and it worked here. I'm hoping your preset file got corrupted somehow. If this keeps happening, let me know and I'll look into it ASAP.