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It sounds like you are selecting a patch via a MIDI Program Change message. By putting patches in the ".../Madrona Labs/Kaivo/MIDI Programs" folder you make an alphabetical list of patches that the plugin switches to when it gets that message. So: a.mlpreset for Program 1, b for 2 and so on. It doesn't have to be "a" and "b", whatever the patches are in the in alphabetical order will be loaded.

So, Kaivo is getting a Program Change. Maybe you are in Ableton and have a Program Change message set for the clip? More info here: https://help.ableton.com/hc/en-us/articles/209070489-Sending-Program-Change-messages-from-Live

We don't have an email notification feature here. Maybe we should—will look into it.

Thanks for the info re: resolutions. I hope this helps someone! I'm not sure why other JUCE-based plugins do not have the same issue. I will look into it in case there's a quick fix. Mostly I'm focused on version 2 going forward.

A smaller delay would be very useful! The difficulty is that the pitch shifter is in the loop, and pitch shifting in real time can't be done instantly. I tried a lot of things to get the pitch shifting time down but as you do it starts to sound worse. So I probably had it at 20ms at one point then needed to go up to 50.

I could imagine maybe a mode where the non-shifted input is delayed instead if you do want a quick delay time. In other words the shifter would be smoothly removed from the loop somehow.

Hi, that is a good question. Without looking at the code: I'm 90% sure that the preset was simply made before the delay time changed to a minimum of 50ms. So it will clip to 50 ms in reality. Of course, we could measure this and verify.

I'm just about to release an update for Aaltoverb that will address this problem. It makes version 2 into a separate plugin—like most plugin makers seem to do this. Incredibly, I've never released a major version update before Aaltoverb 2, so thanks for your understanding.

I'll add more explanation when I officially release, probably on Monday. But it should be obvious and meanwhile here are the links:

Mac: http://madronalabs.com/media/aaltoverb/Aaltoverb2.0.2.pkg
Windows: http://madronalabs.com/media/aaltoverb/AaltoverbInstaller2.0.2.exe

Aaltoverb 1 is still available here:
Mac: http://madronalabs.com/media/aaltoverb/Aaltoverb1.1.0.pkg
Windows: http://madronalabs.com/media/aaltoverb/AaltoverbInstaller1.0.0.exe

Really neat! The first clip sounds almost synthetic because of the perfect timing. I think I can hear the stronger servos in action. These new pieces are exciting and I hope I get to hear longer ones when you make them. For what it's worth, it feels like complete music I would either work or bliss out to and I don't think it needs anything but the guitar.

I have been playing Egberto Gismonti and some related ECM-universe records I have on my morning "radio" show. Sundays at 10am at twitch.tv.joenszfamilyradio if you want to tune in!

Understandable! Not that we need you all pacified, mind.

I'll be updating all the plugins for Apple Silicon as soon as I can.

Nice, thank you for sharing!

Nah, not a douche. It did use to stress me out a bit when people would ask for updates, not gonna lie. Because of course I'm here working on stuff and I'm very eager to have something I can share and will do that as soon as I possibly can.

But mostly I'm just happy you're interested. I'll be building more in public than usual and I'm still planning on having something you can listen to this Spring.

Thanks for the info @garf. I know we talked this over before, but while we're here can you remind me the type of Mac hardware you were having trouble with?

Mysterious slowdowns like this are part of why I moved away from the JUCE framework and wrote my own rendering layer. So, if there's nothing I can find in the 1.x code to fix, at least the 2.0 should provide a fix shortly.

@66xvi Did you try the Kaivo demo?

I'm working on a new installer that will solve some of these issues. Thanks for your patience.

On Windows all VST3 files should be in C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3.

Have you updated an Audio Units plugin, and then found it missing next time you launch your DAW, even after rescanning plugins? You probably need to clear your Audio Units cache. For whatever reason (please visualize me serving my strongest side-eye towards Cupertino here) this has often been needed.

The first hit on Google for "clear audio units cache" no longer reflects current best practices on this, so I'm adding my own instructions here:

  1. Close any DAW or AU host you are running
  2. in Finder, hold down the Option key, click on the Go menu at the top of your screen and select Library
  3. Delete the following files from ~/Library, if they are present:

  4. Restart your computer

That should do it.

@3david3 Reinstalling would not do anything about the MIDI issue you're seeing.

Does CC not work in DP for Aaltoverb?

I'll look into the issue in Live and if I can, maybe post a short video showing MIDI mapping.

With Aaltoverb 2 I added a MIDI input. This means that it won't be able to drop in and replace Aaltoverb 1 in current projects. Which, honestly, I didn't think through fully because it never came up in beta testing.

So very soon I'll be releasing an update that treats Aaltoverb 2 as a different plugin from version 1. This way both versions can coexist in your DAW.

Meanwhile, if you want to restore Aaltoverb 1, please use these installers:

Mac: https://madronalabs.com/media/aaltoverb/Aaltoverb1.0.0.pkg
Windows: https://madronalabs.com/media/aaltoverb/AaltoverbInstaller1.0.0.exe

If you've already installed Aaltoverb 2 version 1.0.1 or lower, where the plugin is just called "Aaltoverb," you may need to remove the plugin file manually before installing version 1.

On Mac OS: AU plugin files are in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components, and VST3 plugin files are in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3.

On Windows, plugins should be in your VST3 plugins directory, C:/Program Files/Common Files/VST3.

Hi David,

This is a typical issue with all AU plugins. You may need to clear the AU cache, it sounds like. Please try this:

  • Close the DAW
  • in Finder, hold down the Option key, click on the Go menu at the top of your screen and select Library
  • Delete the following files from ~/Library, if they are present:
  • Restart your computer

About the CCs, there is so much to configure, it's hard to deduce from here. If you have a different DAW to try, that could help isolate the issue.

Thanks for the feedback.

I've done that. Thanks for your patience with this. I'll be updating all the plugins to take care of a couple of lingering bugs like this as soon as I can.

Thanks for the info— I'm aware of that issue in VCV Rack, which I need to figure out.

All other hosts I've tested have worked OK though. It looks like there is something weird with the 2.0.1 build, I'll look into it ASAP.

The actual structure of the VST is a folder, so this may just mean the VST icon is missing. Does it run?

In any case, thanks for your patience: I'll have to look at this Monday. Meanwhile, you should be able to use the 2.0.0 installer if you need to, which is still online at http://madronalabs.com/media/aaltoverb/AaltoverbInstaller2.0.0.exe

@mhazdra on Mac OS or Windows? Can you tell me where you got this message? Were you running the installer?

I did test installation and running 2.0.1 on my Windows 10 machine. I'll look again on Monday and also try in Reaper to see if there might be some build issue.

There was an error in my code creating the permissions file, if the Licenses directory was not there. This is fixed and I put up a 2.0.1 update. Good night!

I think it makes sense to offer maintenance updates for free, and charge for significant new features. Apple Silicon support was a more major project for "maintenance" than usual! But presumably Apple won't be releasing another new CPU architecture anytime soon.

Thank you for the info, can you please email the full crash report to me at support@madronalabs.com?

This looks like VCV Rack (?) which is the one host I do know about issues with. If you have any more crash reports from different hosts please send them also.

@neccss I'm glad to hear it! Enjoy.

@bobswans Glad you're having fun with Aaltoverb—thanks for sharing!

@neccss sounds like a permissions problem, possibly. If the Aaltoverb plugin does not have permissions to write the license for some reason you should be able to do this to get a permanent license:

  • make the directory ~/Music/Madrona Labs/Licenses
  • save your license key to a plain text file called "Aaltoverb.txt" in the Licenses directory.

Aaltoverb, our tweakable reverb for sound design and live performance, has been updated to version 2.0.

Aaltoverb now supports both Intel-compatible and Apple Silicon (M1) processors natively. In addition, it brings several new features, including:

  • MIDI Learn for all parameters.
  • LFOs for all main parameters.
  • Patch storage and new example patches.

Aaltoverb 2.0 is available now as a free update.

@neccss - the license should be written to ~/Music/Madrona Labs/Licenses/Aaltoverb.txt. Can you check and see if the license is there?

(EDIT) and also, please try creating a preset file when you have the plugin registered—does that work? I'm wondering if the plugin has the entitlement to write to the directory. I have not heard of this issue before.