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@fneeee Thanks for your support!

much better, thanks!

this is not much but it's what I have:

file specs:
44, 48 or 96 kHz
1-4 channels
16 seconds long or less.

I use Audacity to put the multichannel files together. It's free and works reasonably well for this task. I use Logic to do any fancy editing or EQ, bounce each track, and simply put them together in Audacity. You may have your own good way of making multi-channel WAVs to your specifications, but if not, here's how to do it in Audacity:

To stitch files in Audacity:
First: set up custom Export in Audacity by selecting Preferences -> Import/Export -> Use Custom Mix.
then for each palette you go:

  • New file (cmd-N)
  • Import multiple (cmd-shift-I)
  • select the tracks you want to include in the palette. Having them named already so they alphabetize from low channel to high channel will make this easier because they appear in the right order.
  • for each track: if it is Stereo, click its drop-down menu and select "Split Stereo Track" then click the "X" to throw away one. You want 2-4 mono tracks. I always have to do this because Logic won't export mono files as far as I can tell.
  • do any fade-ins/outs you want by selecting all tracks and "Effects…"
  • select Export (cmd-shift-E) and name the output.
  • The export dialog comes up with lines connecting tracks and output tracks. You can use this dialog to direct tracks to output tracks, and select the number of output tracks, but I find it a little fiddly so for me it is easier to just to the Split Stereo Track thing beforehand.

Again, there might be easier ways now!

OK, things can always change if I hear about a more general need for a feature. Meanwhile I try to keep things as simple as possible.

The dial at left is the usual MIDI pitch bend range. The menu at right should control the MPE pitch bend range. So setting the octave range to 0 will turn off MPE per-note pitch bend.

There are a few choices people have made for MPE pitch bend range. The intent of the menu is to make the synth compatible with the different environments. A one-octave bend range offers quite a lot of precision. How much? Let's see: an octave is split into 16k pitch values, so roughly 1.3k steps per semitone or 0.075 cent.

If you need to get more precise, you could use the usual MIDI pitch bend monophonically or in unison mode wiht a smaller range.

I'll add ARM support for all the plugins over the coming year.

Thanks for all the kind words!

wonder if I should sell my Paca.

I wouldn't!

Will the partials file import be in proprietary format or simple text that can potentially be outputted from OpenMusic or SPEAR?

It will definitely be open and documented. It's just text for now—this could change for performance reasons.

"learn" can only be for midi learn functionality, right? Please add that to Aalto and the others as well in the future :-)

Yep! A bit annoying to do with VST3, which has been one of the stumbling blocks this year. But such is life

Is 64 partials using the parallel side of the Intel processor?

Yep! (and ARM)

That look great Randy. My only concern is the GPU utilisation.

You should not need a powerful GPU. typically I'm using the built-in one on my Macbook Air.

In my relatively short music adventure (going on 3 years now since I got into all this stuff), never have I ...

thank you!!

Wow, I´m really exited about that for a very long time. Will you publishing any peek-a-boo audiofile snippets teasers?

for sure!

Only thing I wish was a savable code-file (you know it´s still not working for me in any form, except going copy/paste directly from your homepage).

This should work, please email me for support.

If that means you're not able to use it at all and you want a refund, please send me an email.


There's currently no way to do this in Kaivo.

I appreciate hearing from you. I'll look at ways to make all the plugins as accessible as possible in their new versions.

Aaltoverb is a VST3 plugin, not VST2. Unfortunately I don't think Ableton made the decision to support VST3 in Live 9. You could try upgrading your Live 9 to the latest, or try a demo of Live 10 to see if this is indeed the problem, and then decide whether to upgrade later.

That is a very beautiful user interface, like a poem.

I think there are similarities between these art forms! collecting a set of elements and presenting them in ways they can be recombined for multiple meanings... thanks for the kind words

I'll announce the public beta soon. There will be a Discord forum and anyone who wants to can try it out.

Also more info on the popup menu later today! In the context of Aaltoverb, which also uses it. I'm really happy with this new design language and can't wait for you to see it moving...

check the News section!

Absolutely. I was just talking about this on the lines forum!

My whole new UI kit is designed with touch screens in mind, so...

I'll be sending out more info tomorrow.

This was an interesting read, thanks! Bit sweeping in some of the conclusions but I'm generally sympathetic. More people should be writing about this stuff.

I'm also happy to be reminded of the Lauris Spiegel article. Her site is such a good resource.

Hi Marc, I replied to your email on November 5. Maybe it went to your spam folder?

Anyway pdt here has the right info, thank you!

Just select your license key (including all the symbols), copy, and then click the registration area in the demo plugin. This will register the plugin and turn it into a full unrestricted version.

I sent you your license key in the email. You can also get it any time on the "My licenses" page after logging in.

Racing the clock here. Or calendar I guess.


Yes I don't have the rights to reproduce the Synmag article. I don't really feel a need to anyway, because most of my customers can't read it. I'll write more info here in English soon—but mostly I'm working on finishing the synthesizer!

I'm glad you are interested! I don't have much I can say about it yet.

I'll be releasing a free program alongside Sumu, which does the analysis of audio recordings and turns them into the bandwidth-enhanced partials format.

Thanks for the thoughts! So non-German readers aren't left behind I'll be posting more Sumu info very soon.

Thanks for the feedback.

That's it, sorry for the late reply here!

It's a fine question! My synths work with pretty easily alternate tunings but not with MTS-ESP for now. I may add it in the future.

Cool! I had a beer and watched you play with my synths, it was fun.

I'm working to finish up that Aaltoverb release. The M1 code is done. I plan to release Aalto 2 early next year.

here you go: