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Hi all,

Looking for advice and suggestions regarding utilizing the Harry Partch just intonation scales in Aalto. My first question is, given the Partch created 43 note scale, what are "partch_29", "partch_37", "partch_39", and "partch_41" referring to in Aalto? I'm guessing "partch_29" refers to total ratios generated by the 11-limit division of the octave as conceived by Partch, but I'd welcome any clarification on that point, and also why perhaps there's no "patch_43" scale?

How are "you" adjusting your DAW to deal with non-12 tone equal temperament tunings?

Are there ways to reconfigure the MIDI piano roll in the DAW (any DAW...) to reflect scales other than 12 tone scale?

Has anyone heard of or used "alt-tuner" by TallKite Software? If not, I think it's worth a look if you're into this type of thing. Cheers all!!


Thanks Randy.

Some inroads have been made regarding the ability to compose and perform microtonally in the DAW environment. Below is a link explaining how to set up Reaper through customizing the MIDI Piano Roll microtonally. There are also other workarounds in other DAWs if anyone wants to hit me up about it. Cheers.


Bravo. I'm so glad you went down the "Granny" route. Kaivo really looks fantastic in its portents. Consider it purchased, whenever it's ready. So exciting.

Now, if we could get that patcher automation to work in Aalto...

But really, all the best.

Greetings Randy and all,

Regarding Aalto's powerful output (love it), I'm utilizing a vu-meter/gain-trim plugin with a variable dBFS setting option (Hornet VU-Meter) to "position" Aalto as much as possible, without resorting to compression techniques, in it's operational "sweetspot". Does anyone know the output of Aalto? I started using the analog era's classic setting of -18 dBFS = 0VU, and I've gotten good results, but I'd love the setting to be dead on accurate if possible. Thanks for your time. Cheers.

Hi Randy (and all),

In response to your 10/4 posting on NRPN support (or lack of support) in host DAWs with regard to potential patch automation in Aalto I did a little follow up work on the Reaper Forms, and it appears that Reaper does have NRPN support.

Here's a link to the thread:

There's quite a bit of detailed NRPN/Reaper information on the thread which I only partially understand as I'm not a programmer, but it's clear that NRPNs in the Reaper community is not foreign topic. If I can be of any help in gathering further information on this topic please let me know. As I've expressed previously Randy, Aalto is brilliant and beautiful, and if patch automation could be incorporated into it it would add a level "instrumentality" to Aalto that would be wonderful and powerful.

Lastly, perhaps other users could check with their DAW companies as well (I'm happily married to Reaper).

All the best as always,


Hi Randy and all,

I just wanted to check in and ask if there was any new news or plans regarding automation of Patcher moves in Aalto that I had broached a number of months back? Thanks so much. Cheers.

That sounds great. I really look forward it.

Hi all,

I'd like to know if it's possible to record and edit activity in the Patcher area in realtime so that any patch activity (I don't mean a "Patch" like a "Preset" but the act of connecting an output to an input via the Patcher) can be saved and edited like any other parameter automation?

Sorry if the terminology gets a little murky, but here's a simple example using the LFO module: in my DAW (Reaper) I'd like to record the realtime "physical" patching of the LFO's output to the COMPLEX OSCILLATOR'S Pitch Input that I would execute with the mouse just like I would do with the Frequency, Noise, and Level values of the LFO. I suspect this is either not possible, or not possible by conventional means, because when I pull up the available parameters of Aalto that can be manipulated the LFO parameter choices are limited to:

"lfo_freq", "lfo_noise", "lfo_level", and "lfo_freq_p"

and there are no "patcher" parameters.

Can anybody help?

Thanks so much.

Hi all,

Literally a survey question. With all the great software choices out there these days, I'd like to know and compile what limiter/compressors and the techniques people using/investigating in capturing Aalto's super hot signal. It's a software question only.

fyi, I use Reaper in conjunction with Sonnox, Fab Filter, UAD-2, Abbey Road, SSL 4000 among others.

Love to hear from you. Cheers.

Thanks Technomonkey.

Thanks Technomonkey.