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Partials display is not showing and it keeps cutting out the sound when I switch presets

M1 Mac Studio Max, 64 GB RAM, Komplete Kontrol 3.2.1

Good to hear, is the fix just internally as the latest installer version still has the partials invisible bug

Thanks - finding the same problem in NewSonicArts Freestyle - only with the VST3 though

And NI's now on Apple Silicon

CLAP and VST3 would be great thanks

NI have now officially stopped supporting VST2 in their hosts on Apple Silicon and moved to VST3 so I can't load Aalto and Kaivo any more in Komplete Kontrol despite them being AS native without going into Rosetta

perhaps a carrot?

Fantastic, thanks Lars!

OK cool

Hoping this is coming out over the Xmas period while I have time off :)

Myself and several Native Instruments forumites have worked to create NKS compatibility for Aalto so it can be used integrated into the NI S Series keyboards (and partially also Maschine although Maschine lacks aftertouch support). The support files are hosted here:


in the Aalto subfolder - this includes a controller template for Aalto mapped to the S Series/Maschine knobs, thumbnails so Aalto appears nicely in the browser on the keyboard screen (hope you don't mind me snagging a screenshot from the manual for that, it just makes it look nicer and more professional) and a few database entry files to enable it to show up in the right place in the Komplete database. There is an info file in the main folder with instructions on integration. Just requires copying a few files and folders into the right position and then updating the Komplete database.

I also converted my 3 banks for Aalto - Drone Machines, Clouds & Clocks and Aaltovista, to NKS format and another NI forum member kindly generated NKS sound previews for these so each patch can be previewed from the keyboard or within Maschine. These are also fully tagged with search terms for the database.

The patches are here (also includes the Aalto patches, some have been revised a little so if anyone has the older versions please replace with these)




Potentially the same could be done for Aalto factory presets if you are happy for us to do that

Finally if you look in the same folder there are also a mapped template and NKS integration files for Kaivo so it can be controlled and integrated into the keyboard but no patches have been converted yet for that - so this is ongoing

You can read more about the project here:


Thanks - I will work on converting factory presets soon

I have just updated this bank to 128 patches available from here:


the bank is now free for casual use/donation ware (donate what you want, no minimum)

Also there are 2 other banks for Aalto by me:


and Aaltovista https://www.dropbox.com/s/zdnsmvpaj2oaugj/Aaltovista.zip?dl=0

Aaltovista is also recently updated to 64 patches

Now they are converted should I remove the old folder of presets as they will still show up in Logic's browser but I presume no longer work?

OK that worked.

Yeah 1.6.1 on Mavericks - this happens with the AU and VST so I guess it must be the preset but it worked fine when I converted them with 1.6.0 (in that it didn't crash, even if the converted presets were messed up). However I have tried going back to 1.6.0 too and it now crashes too so I guess one or more got corrupted when I did the last convert - not good.

Maybe I will try and restore from a Time Machine backup.

I've reverted back to 1.5 for now

Unfortunately the update gets to about 15% and crashes every host I have tried this in.

I have just updated and converted banks but I think some of my own patches must have been in the factory location so they are now above the line between user and factory patches - since the new folder location doesn't seem to differentiate how can I move them all into the user group?

Ah that explains it - so the 2 banks Aaltovista (mine) and Aaltosphere (Zensound) are now being classed as factory banks ;)

Here are 15 presets of mine:


Hi I released another Aalto bank for free - these are more diverse and 'normal' type sounds than my last 2 banks which focussed more on drones and self generating sounds - even a few basses:


Merry Xmas

I don't know if anyone else is having this problem but I'm finding the menu system in Aalto is consistently requiring me to click on it twice pretty much every time I want to navigate it - the first time I open it it just poofs on me while navigating it. It's getting to be a bit of a pain that it won't stay open.

This on Mavericks - doesn't matter which host - MacMini (i7)

Forgot to add the free taster bank now has 20 patches in it taking the total to 105 patches - it can be downloaded from the KvR patch database:


Hope you don't mind me posting this here, I have released a bank of 85 presets for Aalto.


They are mainly subtle drifting self generating sounds so lots of drones, feedback soundscapes and sequenced tones but mostly slow and gradual - not hard and glitchy.

In the meantime I have edited every patch that wasn't loading on Win systems (i.e. all the ones made or updated in the 1.4.1 Mac version) in a text editor to an earlier Aalto version. I have tested them all on my old Win laptop and they are loading and sounding the same as the Mac versions so I have posted an updated zip on my site (also I have emailed the fixed versions to people who emailed me about the problem). Thanks Randy for your advice.

Hi I just released another Aalto bank:


this one goes from extremes of soft, evolving, minimalistic cloud-like sounds to hard, clanking, chiming mechanical polyrythmic sounds - some even morph between both!

There's a free taster bank with 12 patches available from here:


they are not patches found in the Drone Machines bank but along similar lines musically (i.e. mainly gently generative soundscape/drone oriented sounds and textures)

Hi all

I have decided to share a small Aalto bank for this Xmas - 12 presets for 12 days of Xmas. Most are along the same lines as the patches in my Drone Machines bank - self generating but mostly quite subtle and unfolding, not the usual glitchy stuff Aalto excels at.


These are in Aalto native and Aupreset formats

Hi - just to let you know that although Xmas is over I am keeping this release going as a free addon to Drone Machines and taster for anyone who doesn't have it - so now download from here:


thanks for your comments

Hi I opened the new version in NI Kore 2 and found that the automation ID's are all mixed up - what was previously cutoff for example is now the mod amount for freq (hz). This could cause people who have previously saved projects in hosts with automation problems as their projects will sound very different. Can you change them back to how they were before?