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It looks like Quick-Recovery Natural Gum Foam isn’t available anymore either. If I search for that on the McMaster page, it shows Resilient Polyurethane Foam Sheets instead. The thicknesses also differ. Do you have any suggestions?

Has someone in Europe built a Soundplane and could give me some pointers where to get the materials I would need?

The raspberry pi can now do this more effectively by calculating the FFT with the GPU:

But how would you the signals in and out? The most I can see is 2 IO with the Wolfson sound card (for which you currently have to download a special raspbian image, find a patched kernel for your distribution or patch the kernel yourself)


If it should mainly be used for that, maybe just print it on the reverse of the polyethylene layer?

I guess one could also insert a sheet of paper with the layout; or a white one and have some kind of cheap projector over it; or should that make the soundplane's response considerably worse?