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Clap format is very nice with per note modulation in bitwig... Any plan?

Pretty sure that i am not alone, but nowdays, a very good modular plateform born, it's VCV, i am sure you discover it....
It seem that it will be the standard for who want to build modular on computer...
Have you plan to decompose your synth to feed this excellent plateform? could pay for a bundle of your different module on VCV...

Any one with me?

Hello Randy, just played with he very good software VCV and thniked to you, it's an open modular platform for audio, the autor port mutable modules and other things and give a tutorial to build some module for the VCV plateform, it will be awesome to see madrona modules in it??? Lot of work to convert every part of your vst in differents module for this plateform?



Any pre sale with the winter discount?


I ve some trouble with kaivo, can't have it working with fl studio and ableton, i don't find any post about a fresh install that can't work on fl and live, any body have some problem with kaivo and this soft?

Strange because, everything was fine, and one day no kaivo, i tried to re install with no luck, always tell me "no compatible with live" or make sure it install correctly...

No way for the moment to use it,
I am sad :(

Any chance for a new update soon?
I have a yamaha EX5 at home, i've dicover FDSP synthesis, really deep, do you know it?


Vl synthesis awesome too


Any inspiration ;)

So to be precise,
"There was a problem opening kaivo_x64 for an unknow reason.please make sure it has been installed correctly"

"VST KAIVO: This plugin is not compatible with live"

The only good news is that in live 64, it works, but no in x86 live and fl

Hello, i would like to buy kaivo, is there a deal for aalto owner or sumer offer plane?


Hello Randy, i use a lot fl studio, and find that it could be nice to introduce in aalto mathematical modifier for modulation signal, it could be a box in the middle with inputs and outpouts and a table to choose function, enveloppe signal cosinus sequencer outpout, ;)


And a morphing function could be awesome

Thanks for your soft, so terrible

Yes i am a usine user (pro) i love this soft because it allow to patch a vst, i was thiking today, it will be really nice if randy could divise aalto in some module and we could just use multiple aalto module in various way it would be so nice to have separate module as vst :)


is it possible to share your usine patche??

merci d'avance ;)