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Hello, i am new to making music with maschine and cpu based software.

Right now i have 2 main questions if anyone could please help me out.

  1. I recently downloaded SKANNER from Native Instruments, and i want to use it in my Maschine, i loaded it in and it shows its in my banks, but whenever i click on a sound to use it says the plug in could not be found. HELP??

  2. I use MIXCRAFT to record, is it possible to use maschine as a midi, or Reaktor 5 in Mixcraft? Meaning, can i load up a drum kit or synth, play it on my maschine and when i press record in mixcraft it will record that sound. I am new to routing and midi and all those type of things, please if anyone could help i would appreciate it greatly.

    Happy Holidays.