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Hi Randy, ok I will. thanks!!

Hi, I'm demoing Kaivo and my system just freaks out whenever I load a setting. Especially Dulcimer is a guarantee to bring the whole thing to a grinding halt.
Mac Pro 2008 8 core 2.8GHz Xeon, Mac OS 10.8.5, Logic 9.18, setting 512 (and other) buffer, running it at 96 KHz and 44.1 KHz (same results).
I've read the tips on minimizing CPU load, but mind you, this is just testing the presets, no other plugins, or audio loaded.
Now I do think it's a problem within Logic, because my external CPU meter never goes higher than 30% per core while Logic's meter spikes.

Errors: first there's spikes hearable, but they do not show up on the Logic volume meters. then I get the old error different sample rates recognized (while the converter is still locked to the OS audio driver) etc. next step is that the performance meter spikes and the whole thing gets stuck.
I could even start a youtube playing during the crash, while Logic was belching clicks and noise.

I do want to buy this, cause the sounds that do work (digidub) are great. And I know you're going to clean it up... like Aalto.
But I think it's not just a CPU load. It's the plugin inside the host.

So please help?

ah ok, one week more, no problem. thanks for the update.
(please ignore the question in my other post)
waiting with baited breath.. ;-P

Hello Randy and others, :-)
I signed up for some info on Aalto, but also Soundpane.
Both look like something I can use, and seem musical instruments rather than toys. nice!
ok, where's Aalto? It's 1 day overdue LOL