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Although it would be up to the user to figure it out I think being able to define an area of the sound plane as a rotary encoder would be most slick.

still exploring this wonderful combination

but i have a question about what the params seq_wave and seq_local do as far as i can see they do nothing to the gui

once things are at a more useable stage i would be more than happy to post the patch

ok at least with vst~ it is pretty easy to adress aalto in max

you can use the param number or param names.

get the param names by sending [params] message to [vst~] and printing/reading the max window

then use a combination of this information [$1) and [prepend "param name here"] sent right to [vst~] this will let you directly access aalto

it should be pretty easy to make a step pulse on/off and step sequencer randomizer, yay.

edit: [bucket 16] produces some interesting effects on the sequencer values when connected over all 16

edit2: here is an early version of what i was talking about next for the seq steps randomizer

what kind of formatting is needed to send aalto messages in max msp?

  1. i think this sounds good although i would personally want both the step sequences steps and sequencer values to have their own random buttons. maybe they could be addressable

  2. would you want other sources of modulation to act as gates if they reached a certain point? this would be pretty awesome, also a threshold (possibly even a knob where the minimum and maximum can be set knob and the minimum would act as a second trigger) knob would be nice maybe.