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well thank you! just downloading now, will have to check them out later.

could you use the experter sleepers modules to get soundplane data into modular systems?

edit: wrong post

if you don't mind me asking what are you using these days?

and if you don't mind answering a value question...i do have a potential apogee duet 1 for sale near me for 250 it includes the tsounds duet breakout box

i usually play with a single mic (sometimes two) and sounds from the computer...max/ableton/pure data

the only reason i might go with a duet 2 over 1 is it seems like you could make a 4 speaker setup if you used the headphone and monitor outs together.

so many new features and work you forgot one! merry christmas

This time of year has me wondering...hmm how would aalto sound through an apogee duet

or anything other than the computers headphone out..

just looking over beat fader again and in aalto it would be great to see a knob like offset or shape (bidirectional?) where in the middle was the regular spread and positive would move the voices closer to the center so negative would move them closer to either 0 or 1 instead or grouping in the middle.

or maybe it makes more sense the other way? hmmm

even before i sold my old novation xstation 25 I would use aalto by itself. it is so much fun without any outside input, although working with the soundplane opens up a lot of awesome possibilities

yes what you said makes perfect sense and would be pretty awesome

this max4live device is pretty neat
it allows for a single fader to be set up as multiple midi note triggers
it also allows you to set the margin which groups the triggers closer or farther apart accross the length of the slider

it is fun on its own right but to me emulates the function you described

I have been working on this for a while and it is finally getting to be useable
I have several more things planned that i deleted so I can update later

most importantly a modulation matrix for all the attenuators where you attach the patch cords

also integration of the arduino shield "repatcher" firstly for physically controlling aalto paramters with more precision than midi provides but secondly it will allow me to patch the my soundplanes signals around to different thing be it aalto/ effects/ modulation layouts

in the archive you will find two files one is the touch osc template and one is a max/msp patch

you will have to point max to your aalto vst (not component)

you will have to change the ip/port numbers to match your own

you can use this in presentation mode alone

midi map is built in so when the space bar is pressed and you are hovering over an aalto parameter it can be midi mapped by moving a midi controller

I have added a randomize all sequencer values button in the touch osc template

I have added several encoders to act as fine tuners for the parameter they are nestled within (filter cutoff, delay time, env2 repeat, feedback, pitch, ratio, LFO freq, seq rate) each encoder can easily be set to a more or less coarse tuning. a built in mechanism is planned for the update.

All five volume controls are also easily available to use

i have also added a couple extra sliders and toggles for extra control over the sequencer
in the top pair the slider controls the randomization of all 16 sequencer steps in two different ways which is switched between with the toggle to the right of the slider

the first way the slider works is by randomly cycling through different sequencer step numbers and assigning the current slider value to it

the second way uses the [bucket] object to send the current slider value down the sequencer steps right to left (this can be changed)

the slider under that controls the randomization of all 16 sequencer steps in two different ways

the first randomizes every sequencer step upon each movement the value of the slider affects the probability of each step being on/off

the second way is just the same as the first except it only randomizes the steps every 16 values entered into the slider

it is late and I am tired but I wanted to try to get this posted tonight.

hope you enjoy

i downloaded this application a while ago but haven't tried using it yet. perhaps it is what you are looking for.

edit wow i hadn't seen any of the promotional material they have available on the site... this thing is awesome

I will be using it with the touchOSC template i posted for aalto

for #1 i completely agree but what if you patched xvel and xseq into the second envelope generator? would it sum the two together beforehand and then multiply it? would you be able to set them in series say first multiply by xseq? i would imagine it would be easiest to sum them

and #2 in could see something slightly different for the dial with as much precision as you get with OSC i bet you could do what you were talking about but maybe like this

where 0-.25 represents what you have described
.251 - .5 would move all the numbers "to the left" so voice 2 would be in 1's spot and 3 would be in 2's...
.51 0 .75 would have voice 3 where voice one was originally and continue moving along
.75 -1. would represent voice 4 in 1;s original position and so forth...

or if the voice separation itself could be modulated by the seq out (similar to what you have described in #1) that could open up some interesting capabilities

a manual reread is always a good thing!
i just went back over the manual and the quick start guide and learned some new stuff.

I am sure that if i reread it again something would click that I didn't even know i didn't know...

here is the video

some things I am looking to change/update

change the value the encoder adds per step (or more to the point make it so it can easily be scaled up and down according to the end user needs)

in touch osc make individual module sections or smaller groupings more suited for an iphone in the case anyone has one of those

fix the smoothing mode for the seq val rand slider right now it only seems to show the value after it has stopped moving and slows down in a way that i must have goofed up somewhere so unless you enable it in the max msp patch you can't access it yet.

add in the chaos controls...

sometimes I accidentally hit a volume knob when I was wanting to use the encoder...But I also like where the controls are currently. So perhaps a mixing section as opposed to how I have it laid out now

Try to not change the "offest" knob to reflect it's actual name

"finnish" soundplane layout based on this and incorporate the z plane as well...put 8 to 10 or them together...

take the xyz markov player and make small groupings of controls like [timbre, shape, offset] or [seq rate, seq val rand, and seq step rand] or [del freq, feedback, input/drive] then play

add modulation matrix for the attenuators that the xyz markov player would also be able to play with

fun playing tip:

try setting the step amount to 1 and playing with the seq val rand slider

or alternatively try just pressing the rand button which randomizes all values but right now being that I am no programmer, more like a tinkerer it randomizes the values twice (once upon the initial press and once for when it is let go) and while im sure there is an easy fix for this "problem" you can use it to get some neat rhythms

also i am currently uploading a video of me messing around with this
it isn't so much a tutorial or demo as just playing around with one hand/finger

if you like the preset yet don't want the reverb wouldn't it stand to reason to save over the original?

{deleted---wrong thread}

I too have a template that requires max for some extras not included in aalto it just has a couple bugs that i want to wait to fix like djorkaeff until 1.3 is released

maybe this should be a completely different thread but...
i would certainly pay aalto prices for another vst that did what aalto does well except with live audio input..that would be crazy

well i suppose it is time to do some silly covers of napoleon XIV's various works

this is a lot of fun to mess around with

hello i was messing around with making a template for aalto in touch osc and would like to see the little sequencer status leds as well as the voice leds send their on/off info for something like the led in touch osc

thanks a bunch

i am all for full route ability but if i had to sacrifice the amount of cables that could be used at any one time for ease of programming i would certainly vote for it.

but i am also working on a form of this for myself anyway that will be posted here if anything comes of it using this ( ) and max/msp

here is a quick video as an example

i will get some audio/video examples up soon

i mostly just wanted to get some presses into max/msp

im not sure if i should start a new thread for this or not...

just a little granularish max thing cobbled together from something i found on the max forums

I have my soundplane and haven't spent nearly as much time with it as i should

but here is some aural slime

just a quick messing about

i can't wait for 1.3 vst so i can get aalto out of ableton and into max

i would love to see some sort of preset system or user defined startup template for the soundplane client so when you set and save it every time you open the software it opens the same configuration.

max 5 plus vst~ i believe needs to be loaded with the component version

i still use max 5 for my aalto/max/touchosc thing even though i have max 6
at some point i will have to find out why it crashes every time it is opened in 6

mine has a some extra stuff and is by no means done

but if you don't mind wading through some mucky muck i could post it
and by some i mean it is a pasta fasole

my two favorite things i added with max are single slider controls of the seq steps and values. there is also a little chaos engine lorded by 4 friends who sit in a very isolated back room and count and count and count.

it was originally made to be used in presentation mode then i recently started adding touchosc control over the whole thing and after a while (some kind of addressable implementation of the patch cabling system) i will end up making a physical (albeit controller) version of aalto to play alongside the soundplane

with touchosc i used encoders plus faders/rotaries in order to allow for very fine tuning (LFO freq, seq rate, pitch, ratio, delay freq) of a couple parameters.

i check the forums her pretty regularly so let me know if i should tidy slightly and make more obvious how to get the thing up and running

if there is interest would there also be interest for posting the touchosc template as well? it is really cluttered right now but everything is right there on one page (on an ipad) eventually i would like some interaction between touch osc the physcial arduino/microprocessor powered controller and max/msp

maybe even a little video demo...

babbling sorry

i should be getting my soundplane on monday, thank you for these awesome videos

im sure this has been requested before but can aaltos sequencer delay dials be fine tunable (instead of just 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5... 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 or even more fine than that)

it could also be interesting for the sake of generative self running patches for the sequencer to have a probability mode, even if it were only midi accessible
one way i was imagining this working would be when you are in probabilty mode the previousy entered sequencer values (step on/off and step value) would disappear as if the sequencer was empty. You could then turn on probability per step and then enter the percentage per step as well through using the same sequencer interface. when you switch back to from probability you would see your previously entered values.

this could be getting into the cluttered interface territory but bear with me

i would love something else generating a trigger output like EV 1 or 2. it could be neat to have a variable position trig selector, perhaps the position itself could have a patch-point input for modulation as well.

so when half of the full envelope length had been completed a trigger was sent out...then if that was a possibility a Pulse width%/delay (with an additional output for the delayed signal?) in the same fashion as the Sequencer

do you feel like the initial soundplane release has raised sufficient funds to continue making them? (aaltoverb)

there will be a bug fixing type update (if i remember correctly) after all the soundplane stuff is done for aalto. so i would imagine it will be a while before any extra feature would be added to aalto but at least for now (if you are on osx) there is aaltoverb which sounds great

i understand that the external controller jacks will be a user mod...
for my interests i would love to see an expression pedal and something like the pots linked below.

i can imagine a couple of these (or this ) would be pretty slick for the main oscillators in aalto

it looks like a nice space. I am quite excited to see this project come to life

here is a link to the topic, the app itself is made with max 6 (i didn't have anything to do with making it)

i was thinking wouldn't it be wonderful to still use the monome as and indicator of connections made and a portion of the soundplane to act as body contacts, but to take it a step further then the amount of pressure (either summed and averaged or from only one of the presses) would change how much the speed or playhead movement are effected.

on the other han a simpler mod might be to use a smaller bit of soundplane to act the same way the monome does but instead of acting like body contacts that had to both be pressed at the same time you would just press a single button and the pressure would then only change how much modulation was applied to that parameter

here is to the hopes of a full community of people who are willing to share applications patches and the like. I am by no means an amazing programmer but i can usually get to where i want to be with an idea in max/msp (just upgraded to 6) or PD. I will certainly be more than willing to share anything soundplane related I make or mod.

in fact i think a soundplane application idea thread is in order....but there doesn't seem to be much in the way of activity around here.