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i would be glad to send you a picture, at no charge!
But you know…

….maybe you're right:-)

….but i'm coming from a three-year-story of 'soon, more soon, sooner, very soon, very very soon, hyperultrasoon-->never!' … i tend to exaggerate a bit!


….maybe i should stop now and disappear from the surface, but technomonkey
would be disappointed….so here we go! :-))

First, let me say that it was never my intention to offend you! However, you made promises. That's not a matter of communication styles. If you say "expect etc etc…" then we expect, that's all what i said.
Otherwise, if someone should feel offended, it's me: "it's hard to justify stopping the progress taking shots and writing comments…."! How would you feel with such an answer?

My interest is hardware. Aalto is wonderful but, in my opinion, we have long reached (and surpassed) the point of sound-overkill. Absynth, Omnisphere, Alchemy, FM8, Reactor, MAX/MSP, PD, Supercollider….just to name few: each one of these have enough sound creating power for years of experimentation, so i'm not interested in another softsynth, no matter how good!. In the search of alternatives to the Continuum i found a hardware company: MadronaLabs! But, after many months of wait what popped up? A softsynth!!! To express my disappointment i wrote a mail to you (august 21 2010). Your answer from 28
august at the end and word for word: " ….What i learn from your note is that we should post another update on Soundplane. I think we will have some good news to share quite soon….". Wich news?
The post on september 11 2010 (you see, i've been following you very closely…) bringing explanation why Aalto, no news on Soundplane and this at the end:
"…..Expect more news soon"…… More?!?!

To be clear: my complaints are NOT on the time you need to complete the Soundplane. Nobody says development is a easy task! Yes, i would like very very much to buy one, but it's not like "….i MUST have the Soundplane, think of all the wonderful music i would compose if i only had one!!!…." not at all. But, why promising (yes, promising) tons of news if you have no intention to give us some? Why writing 'soon' all the time when you know nothing will happen…. 'soon'?

My words are frustrating? It's possible but try this:

we get closer to having finished prototypes to show off (Mar 2010)

We are nearing finished prototypes, (June 2011)

more than a year between the two statements and not a single word about. Put yourself in my shoes: would you not feel frustrated?

I'm slowly approaching an age where you could call me an old man so i know, you're right about the time-consuming R&D, but

i'm simply not willing to wait forever. My post is too long so you don't need to answer (…absolutely not if this steal time from finishing the Soundplane) but if you do it please, please, please don't tell me: "expect more news soon"…..:-)))

@charlie & randy: thank you very much for your words on my english, but this won't do you any good: here i am, reassured and ready to write even more:-))

@randy & radio:
First, it is absolutely your right to do what you want in the way you choose! I'm not here telling 'you have to do this and that because i like this and that and so on….'
But my opinion (and i could be wrong, of course…) is that we as customers have some (not many, just some) rights too!
You told absolutely no lies, but, two years ago, with your own words, the Soundplane "…started to resemble finished hardware…". Since then we, the potential customers, started to save money…..after two years, we simply ask: what's happened? How long we have to wait? You know, the money could be invested in other (i admit: much more expensive…)

And you made LOT of promises, many times, but never keep!….. You promised news and i think i can assure you, people would find very interesting to know what happens, technically speaking, along the way!

No need to search for 'some clever ways to give more concrete reassurances': you gave us the proof that you can do this very well: look at the wonderful detailed post of October 2009 (again: two years ago!). And people are interested: 13 replies!

Then, in Mar 2010 "…we get closer to finished prototypes…". Qne year ago, this was the last 'sign of life': after that we have 20 or so posts on Aalto and nothing, absolutely nothing on the Soundplane. And this because the time to take one shot and write down some words would slow down the development? You can't really expect i believe this! Nobody asked for a 'Press release', but you do this all the time, in words and pictures (Aalto)……

So, after two replies, not a single word of information and, again, a "stay tuned", i'm reassured only that something must be going really worse and my hopes to see a finished Soundplane are reduced to the minimum!

Maybe i'm the only one, and i do it with a smile, but i disagree!
These are no great news , from my point of view of course. I wouldn't need a word for sooner than soon if the meaning would remain the same…..but i'm afraid that 'soon' concerning Aalto means, well, soon……while 'soon' concerning the Soundplane means simply: never!
"stay tuned for news"…."expect more news soon"…."more details coming soon"…."stay tuned for more"….I can say i stay VERY tuned: Madrona Labs is my first URL, day after day for more than a year and half now, but, on the Soundplane, no news at all. The last one was at Thu Mar 25 08:43:46 2010!
Zeno's paradox: we get closer and closer but never reach the Soundplane….

ps: sorry for my english….