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Hi, same problem here with a mac...

What should I do?

No preset, no wave...


I am new here. Very happy with aAlto, just purchased.
It sounds fantastic.

one question : would it be possible to see the value of modulation amount? ie, if I want to scale precisely timbre on the pitch i can't do it precisely. I tryed to get the value from the default filter freq/peak freq... on the text editor but as it is default, I don't see it.

It would be great to be able to type values... very very useful...

thanks !


I will try it in samplitude.
Can't wait for the update !

"It would also be nice to have more control over individual modulation amounts sent by Aalto - so that you could, for example, alter the amount an envelope and the lfo had individually over the filter cutoff. This has been mentioned in the forum here and I think you said you were considering options. I must admit that I do prefer the matrix option used by many plugins to Aalto's cord patching system as the matrix option, in my opinion, gives more flexibilty without the limitations of fitting any future development around the GUI. With a matrix system you have the ability to modulate a modulation amount with another modulator. For example, if you had the LFO modulating the filter cutoff on line 5 of the modulation matrix then you could add another another line in the matrix and have MIDI CC1 modulating line 5's modulation amount. Plus you could add the option of using more MIDI CCs rather than just having the one (which, I think, would be useful), without having to alter the GUI. You could also quickly and easily alter individual modulation amounts sent to the same handle, as mentioned above, by using a modulation matrix. My personal wish would be to keep the current cord system so you can use your host's automation to record and playback automation of Aalto's handles and alter the modulation amount of all inputs into them. Plus have a modulation matrix completely independent of the current cord system. But this dual modulation approach may well bring up problems that I haven't thought of."


yeah, me too, I would need to be able to modulate a modulation amount, to have separate amount control when multiple modulation source are on the same mod input. matrix or not, it would be cool.

thanks !

+1 on Windows !