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Very nice! Still wearing my blue one!

Hi. When I attempt to configure my 3rd party plug in shell within Live 8, I can only assign certain knobs or parameters to the skin. Sometimes.. after clicking 5 or 6 times, it will work. What am I doing wrong?

Aalto is the bomb!

Anytime I configure a macro controller from a Live Instrument Rack, I lose access to the bottom half of the knob's range.

AKA: Filter cutoff works fine, until I map it to a macro. The Macro then will only allow access to the top half of the knob range aka 177 and up? The results are identical with or without modulation, and the same across the board with all other pots/knobs.

see me w/ Qs.. sorry I didn't just post this to the bug fixes list.. I'm in class right now ;)

AALTO!!!! ":) Love this thing.