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I would like to use Kaivo's MPE abilities for microtonality. For that I need to set the pitch bend range, but I am a bit at loss how to do that for, e.g., a pitch bend range of 2 semitones.

I saw that there are two ways to control this. One is the dial 'bend' in the KEY section on the top left (with individual steps), and the other is a menu at the top right (with ranges of multiple octaves). The octave ranges seem to work for me, but I would need to set a smaller bend range, like 2 semitones for my purposes.

So, I thought I should try to set the octave ranges under the menu to 0, and set the dial 'bend' to 2, but that seemed to simply ignore the pitch bend.

Am I perhaps missing something? Or should the settings I tried work? (Perhaps there is then something wrong with my setup elsewhere.)

Thanks a lot!

So, using MPE and a pitch bend range of less than an octave exclude each other? In a number of plugins I have this is not the case, but well, I try to deal with that. :)

Thanks for your response.