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I would like to use Kaivo's MPE abilities for microtonality. For that I need to set the pitch bend range, but I am a bit at loss how to do that for, e.g., a pitch bend range of 2 semitones.

I saw that there are two ways to control this. One is the dial 'bend' in the KEY section on the top left (with individual steps), and the other is a menu at the top right (with ranges of multiple octaves). The octave ranges seem to work for me, but I would need to set a smaller bend range, like 2 semitones for my purposes.

So, I thought I should try to set the octave ranges under the menu to 0, and set the dial 'bend' to 2, but that seemed to simply ignore the pitch bend.

Am I perhaps missing something? Or should the settings I tried work? (Perhaps there is then something wrong with my setup elsewhere.)

Thanks a lot!

The dial at left is the usual MIDI pitch bend range. The menu at right should control the MPE pitch bend range. So setting the octave range to 0 will turn off MPE per-note pitch bend.

There are a few choices people have made for MPE pitch bend range. The intent of the menu is to make the synth compatible with the different environments. A one-octave bend range offers quite a lot of precision. How much? Let's see: an octave is split into 16k pitch values, so roughly 1.3k steps per semitone or 0.075 cent.

If you need to get more precise, you could use the usual MIDI pitch bend monophonically or in unison mode wiht a smaller range.

So, using MPE and a pitch bend range of less than an octave exclude each other? In a number of plugins I have this is not the case, but well, I try to deal with that. :)

Thanks for your response.

OK, things can always change if I hear about a more general need for a feature. Meanwhile I try to keep things as simple as possible.