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Hi, I've been running the latest demo under Apple's Mainstage host. I get constant CPU overloads especially when changing patches. I really want this software to work out for me! I think the synth sounds really unbelievable, but I am afraid to commit to purchase if it becomes unusable. Thanks in advance, Tom.
MacBook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz
6 Gigs Ram

Thanks for the report. I'll add Mainstage to my list of less common hosts to test, and fix the problem if I can reproduce one. Sorry it's not working for you.

Hi Randy, thanks for writing. In the meantime, could you suggest another host for live use? I downloaded Rax, will try it. Or maybe Ableton? I downloaded that also. Any insight you have is most appreciated. Tom Bitondo

Live is the host I test the most, and probably the most people use it. I also put in lots of time making Logic work too because it's so popular.

For a live performance solution I recommend Numerology very highly. No known issues.

Thanks Randy, I will try to download Numerology. Talk soon! Tom Bitondo

I think I found the solution! First, go into Mainstage preferences, and click "Audio" at the top. Then, make sure that "Display audio engine overload message" is NOT checked off. Since I removed that option, I am now able to freely cycle through all of the patches in Aalto without Mainstage choking up on me, and displaying that message.
So far, so good! Will keep you posted but I think this is the soluton!

Glad to hear you are up and running! Thanks for sharing the workaround here-- there are so many hosts out there that my response time on host-related issues can't be as fast as I would like. I'll have a look at Mainstage before the next update though.

I also just unchecked "I/O safety buffer", under the same audio tab in "preferences". This was also causing the CPU to hang up in the "red" a lot longer. I think it's just about perfect now!