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Trying (again) with Kaivo sound design ... I love what others do with it but cant seem to get my head around how to make it do what I want!

Anyway, to the specific issue ...

I have both Kaivo and Aalto set to 4 voices and their default patches. I set the sequencers to INT and to a slow rate (~0.05).

If I play a sequence of 4 notes in Aalto the sequencer then plays those notes, and the timing of the notes, back to me in pretty much the way I played it in.

In Kaivo, when I do they same the notes are played back, in the correct order, but the timing has nothing to do with what I played.

The Kaivo sequencer lights don't seem to be grouped based on my playing. If Kaivo is set to 3 voices they appear evenly separated in the sequencer. Once I add any more than 3 voices they bunch up in places (not spaced out) ... sorry, I'm struggling to explain what I'm seeing here.

Anyway, I'm not understanding the very different division of voice spacing/timing between Kaivo & Aalto. Aalto seems to make sense to me with the way it works, while Kaivo does not.

Can someone please enlighten me?

Not sure if it's the same for you but here, Kaivo (1.9.5) will slow Ableton Live's whole interface to a choppy crawl with broken timing when its vst GUI is shown. As soon as I hide Kaivo's GUI, Live (11.2.7) returns to normal. This means Kaivo is unusable for me, has been for a couple of years. Was in touch with Randy about it a while back but nothing came of it so I've had to shelve Kaivo. Aalto doesn't have the same problem. macOS 10.15.7.

Hi garf ... thanks for the reply.

Windows here. Kaivo 1.9.4 (latest) with Live 11.2.7. Not noticing choppy performance or anything like that here. Don't know if the sequencer timing thing is due to similar issue you're having on the Mac, or something different, or operator stupidity ... don't rule that out :P

Hi stew, I'm trying to understand what your patch is doing but from your description I'm not quite sure of how the notes are being triggered. If you want to just make a small movie and share it with me by email that might be easier.

Aalto and Kaivo should work in the same way as far as the sequencers and triggering.

Each voice does have its own sequencer offset, and these will be different depending on when you reset the sequencers with a MIDI note.

I feel bad Kaivo is still not working smoothly for garf. Lots to do here as I try to get a new synthesizer out. I'll try to get out a Kaivo update soon. Qoqo (our new social media person) is also seeing Kaivo pretty slow on her laptop so hopefully this will help with testing.

Hi Randy and thanks for the reply.

Of course I can't now replicate what was going on yesterday!

Still not getting the same behaviour from both Aalto & Kaivo so I'll put together something and email it through to you.

... and after having said I'm having no luck with Kaivo sound design, I managed to pull something really cool out of my hat last night. Probably just means I need to spend much more time with this beast :-)

In the video you sent, you are turning the dial to change the number of voices. Doing so makes more lights in the sequencer, because when voices are turned on their sequencer positions are reset to 0. So you go from all voices being at the same sequencer step to being at diffferent steps.

If you connect the KEY module's gate output in Kaivo to the sequencer trig in, this will do the same thing as turning on "key trig" in Aalto.

Hey thanks Randy,

I'll admit I did have to read that a couple of time for it to sink in, but it makes sense now, ha!

I'll check out the gate output in Kaivo too.

Thanks for takiing the time