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I purchased Aalto a few days ago. Works perfectly for me in Ableton Live, but when I try and drag it into a Sonar X1 tracl it crashes instantly.

I've sent the crash dump to Cakewalk, but I can send you it too if requred.

Running the latest version of X1 X1b build 255, Windows 7 64bit, Aalto v1.2.1


Thanks for the report. Can you try the 1.2.5 demo, posted here, and see if that works?

I can confirm that 1.2.6 works in the previous version of Sonar 8.5.2.

It has massive CPU spiking though at up to 70%.
My specs:
WinXP Pro SP3
Sonar 8.5.2
Latency: 256 Samples (works fine with all other VST's.)