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Is it possible to automate the sequencer note on/off buttons in logic? I'm not able to get it to learn and it they don't record automation data - but the red value sliders do.

You can automate them by drawing an automation curve. It appears that trying to record by clicking on the buttons themselves doesn't work in Logic. Weird, because it works in Live. I'll look into it.

I did everything I could about this, but I'm going to have to call it a Logic bug, Works great in Live.

hi randy - can you clarify how to do this? sequencer pulse on/off doesn't automate for me in Live by any of the usual means. like randy i can automate/record seq value 0-15, but no pulse on/off.

Live 8.2.2, Aalto 1.2.6-- Just click "Configure" and select one of the pulse buttons. I just rechecked that this works in both the VST and AU.

lo and behold, it works! thanks, no idea what was going wrong yesterday...


Great idea.

This synth is so good, i can create unique and sick lead lines and similars. Trying to sync with the host with the rate parameter is really difficult, and host sync mode engaged only works when you play the project, so sometimes the sequence it's not where you want it to be, it's kind of anoying.

And to maitain aalto in pitch with the rest of the tune, you have to insert a small midi clip with the note you wanna trigger.