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Apologies if this has already been posted but my browse of the forums didn't reveal the exact same issue.
My issue is that if I select a patch in Kaivo, it will play until Ichange locations in the DAW timeline, in which case it resets to a patch labelled "a." Returning the DAW to the location where I selected my patch does not reinstate that patch. Basically, the only patch that can be used for longer than a few seconds is labelled "a."
Any help is appreciated.



It sounds like you are selecting a patch via a MIDI Program Change message. By putting patches in the ".../Madrona Labs/Kaivo/MIDI Programs" folder you make an alphabetical list of patches that the plugin switches to when it gets that message. So: a.mlpreset for Program 1, b for 2 and so on. It doesn't have to be "a" and "b", whatever the patches are in the in alphabetical order will be loaded.

So, Kaivo is getting a Program Change. Maybe you are in Ableton and have a Program Change message set for the clip? More info here:

Hi Randy,

Thanks for the quick reply. Program change data was in fact the cause of the patch switching issue. I deleted that unnecessary program change data and now things are working perfectly.

Thanks again!