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I'm searching how to make my own 4 channels samples for Kaivo.
Is there any ressources out there that explain it ?
many thanks!

this is not much but it's what I have:

file specs:
44, 48 or 96 kHz
1-4 channels
16 seconds long or less.

I use Audacity to put the multichannel files together. It's free and works reasonably well for this task. I use Logic to do any fancy editing or EQ, bounce each track, and simply put them together in Audacity. You may have your own good way of making multi-channel WAVs to your specifications, but if not, here's how to do it in Audacity:

To stitch files in Audacity:
First: set up custom Export in Audacity by selecting Preferences -> Import/Export -> Use Custom Mix.
then for each palette you go:

  • New file (cmd-N)
  • Import multiple (cmd-shift-I)
  • select the tracks you want to include in the palette. Having them named already so they alphabetize from low channel to high channel will make this easier because they appear in the right order.
  • for each track: if it is Stereo, click its drop-down menu and select "Split Stereo Track" then click the "X" to throw away one. You want 2-4 mono tracks. I always have to do this because Logic won't export mono files as far as I can tell.
  • do any fade-ins/outs you want by selecting all tracks and "Effects…"
  • select Export (cmd-shift-E) and name the output.
  • The export dialog comes up with lines connecting tracks and output tracks. You can use this dialog to direct tracks to output tracks, and select the number of output tracks, but I find it a little fiddly so for me it is easier to just to the Split Stereo Track thing beforehand.

Again, there might be easier ways now!

Alternatively, you can merge two stereo files into a quad file with SoX (Sound eXchange).
Use this command line (aware of the capital -M):

sox -M frontStereoFilename rearStereoFilename outputQuadFilename

much better, thanks!

Thank you very much

thanks! i was wondering, i wanted to use indeed multiple samples, and didn't know how to do it. will experiment with what is for me the best workflow, now i know what it expects.