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any news on releasing native/universal versions of existing plugins?

Ive been doing some dev for apple silicon, including a native host - so would be great to be able load my Madrona Labs plugins :)

It's high on the list. Have you tried using ? Hopefully I can use it to get madronalib working on NEON relatively easily.

yeah, i used this a while back when porting some other stuff for rPI

it was really easy to use, due to single header - I just used the arch to decide if to pull in sse or sse2neon, job done :) ....performance was great, since its all inline

it was missing a couple of functions, but they were trivial to add.
but this looks like its a newer version.. so, id not be surprised if this just works.

so yeah, definitely think it would get you going on apple silicon really quickly.

I've now ported all my apps/libs to apple silicon , and have to say it was generally really straight forward , mostly done in a few hours - a plesant surprise, as I was dreading doing a couple of them.

FYI I've added NEON support to madronalib now using sse2neon and everything runs as expected. I've merged this into the master branch. Updates of the plugins, starting with Aaltoverb, will be coming soon.

cool, will check it out - thxs

Hi there, any news regarding native M1 versions ? just courious becaue Aalto is still consuming lots of core power here on my M1 with Live11. And Live will be native M1 soon within the next weeks.

I'm working to finish up that Aaltoverb release. The M1 code is done. I plan to release Aalto 2 early next year.

I'm also on an M1 machine. I'm assuming Sumu will have Native Apple Silicon support right out of the gate.


So. No Native Aalto or Kaivo as of now?

That's correct, I have not released native arm versions of these plugins yet. I can get to this work after Sumu ships or is at least in beta.

Hello, do you have any news about the porting to M1?
If I buy Aalto today will the update to the v2 (M1) be free?

No news yet—I have at least get Sumu to beta first.

It's a fair question about buying Aalto. Given that M1s have been out for a while, I think it's only fair if M1 compatibility is a free upgrade path for anyone who has bought recently.

What I am leaning towards is releasing M1 compatibility across all the plugins ASAP as free updates, then any v.2 enhancements (there will be a lot) as a separate paid upgrade.

Paid updates sometimes can cause hesitancy depending on the size of the company, and or urgency of whether the plugin is considered detrimental to workflow. A few members in the XFER discord discussed this in length with Steve Duda about whether Serum 2 would be a paid upgrade, and he said he was leaning to release it as a free update (serum 2 will be have substantial features). I think it can be a bit tricky, and navigating the right cost for a paid upgrade has to match the demand of the update features. I hope you find a cost that will make sense to both you and your customers.

I think it makes sense to offer maintenance updates for free, and charge for significant new features. Apple Silicon support was a more major project for "maintenance" than usual! But presumably Apple won't be releasing another new CPU architecture anytime soon.

Im sure whatever is planned for V2 plugins, they will be alot of fun to use

Please let us know if and when we can help with alpha- and betatesting, @randy.

I would sure appreciate an update. I just tested Aalto on a new M1 Macbook and found the interface jumpy compared to my last machine.


Randy is Aalto M1 coming up soon? It's been a while.