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Dunno if anyone saw this. Looks interesting!

I know AudioDamage (whose instruments have been into MPE & alternate tunings for a while) not only enabled support for this, but effectively made it replace TUN as the default. It'll be interesting to see what other steam this picks up; I wonder if Bitwig will add support.

Would love to see this system adopted into ML's synths!

yeah this would be a great addition to Madrona Labs plugins!

According to Dave Gamble and co it's easy to implement, tho I am no programmer so YMMV! It allows for tuning across instruments and entire sessions, and for changing of tuning systems in real-time. A number of other Devs like U-he, TAL and Audio Damage have already implemented it.

Here's the relevant link for devs:

I have to stay focused on releasing a new plugin for now but I'll be interested to see where this goes and will consider adopting it.

Sounds good!

a big +1 from me
imho this ODD MTS plugin is fantastic
because you have 1 central pint for your microtuning
and all others that are MTS aware inherit the same tuning

nearly all u-he have adapted it, as UA Lion, Surge etc
imho the more the better :-)

good to hear it's working well.

+1 from me as well.

FYI Michael Hetrick ( from Unfiltered Audio ( mentioned on the Elektronauts forum:
"The MTS-ESP implementation is probably the easiest third-party library I’ve ever dealt with. It took less than fifteen minutes to add, and worked on the first compile. I’m pretty smitten with it. I spent way too much time hacking JUCE to get MPE and microtuning to play together nicely. "

Oh, here it is. I couldn't find this post first so I made a separate one. Anyway, while I'm also a resounding +1 for implementing this natively, I just want to let folks know it already does work, through MPE. :) See the other thread.

thank you for the hint, this looks fascinating.

Would also love to see MTS-ESP implemented in (all) Madrona Labs plugins.

I am using Surge, TAL sampler, OPS7 and Unfiltered Audio Lion that are supporting MTS-ESP natively.

The plugins differ in their MTS-ESP (implementation) behavior.

Surge and TAL sampler can be tuned dynamically. That means that they also process tuning information updates via MTS-ESP while resp. after a note is pressed.
I love the effect of morphing dynamically between two tunings.

Unfortunately OPS7 and Unfiltered Audio Lion only evaluate the tuning information at a note on event. I hope they will "fix" that in the future.

So Madrona Labs, if you are really going to implement MTS-ESP which I would be really excited about, I would like to see the implementation to be as in Surge and TAL sampler. If that would be the case, I would be absolutely excited about.

Best regards and keep up the great work.


Another big +1 here. I'm only making music with MTS-ESP plugins now because it saves me so much time. Dreaming that Madrona will implement it with both the real time and note on option like Surge, TAL, Arturia, etc too. It's become one of the most important plugin features for me now because I automate tuning changes when writing. It's OK using the MIDI Client with MPE pitchbends, but it'd be nice if Madrona could have the accuracy of the MTS-ESP system like other plugins do.

Another big +1, again. I have written Randy about it a few times. One of my greatest plugin desires right now!

also +1, i use scales, not that often, but since the Plasmonic update, that also uses MTS-ESP (i also have LION, and Generate, but i didn't really pay attention), or can use MTS-ESP, i am starting to get an interest in the MTS-ESP of ODDsound, it will also be the timing, that i am at a phase (....) that i want, or need this. need is a big word.

dynamic tuning per voice, i believe.

i hope it will be implemented (and that ODDsound, also will allow for more than one scale for all plugins... it is requested, but it seems difficult, or perhaps not that difficult, i don't know... not their plan...
but i must still demo it.....)

I've been using the OddSound plugin in Reaper for a while now and it works great. It had been clunky to put tunings in multiple vst's individually, each in their own format, and then save the files. The OddSound plugin goes in the main Efx once, and tunes anything that is compatible, on its own track. All of the Arturia synths and uHe Zebra have it which is a huge sound world right there.

Posting to add that MTS-ESP support would be enormously appreciated; it works flawlessly with the other plugins I have which use it.