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"It's prerelease software and optimizing has not been a focus at all. If it is interesting to you but not usable for you now I hope you'll keep an eye out for future releases."

good to know, the max i can get is 8 voices, that is quite enough, but spikes sometimes ruin it.

so if the optimisation, i mentioned it somewhere else, is last (which is normal), i feel more confident.

and it usuable, with 8 and certainly with 6 voices. (and i don't need always that many voices....)

i hope that MPE will not add to much overhead. MPE is my standard way of playing a MPE capable soft synth...

i can't pay for Sumu in EURO's, the payment gives an error.
if you want to pay in dollars, it works.

but i want to pay, in €....

and congratulations; although it is the early access; Sumu is finally out there!

it seems SOLVED!

@randy, indeed that is the problem every, what is best term, indepented developer, one-person show... encounters..

but perhaps the ETA is not the most important thing, Sumu is you can see is anticipated! is that the correct term! it is a unique synth to look forward too..

so the questions for an ETA are calls out of enthusiasm.

it is evident, that developing this, there is only one of you!, is difficult to really plan.

perhaps sometimes a small update about the progress?

not an ETA?

as many others here, i repeat, it is a soft synth i am really looking forward to.

so good luck!

perhaps an ETA would be nice?.....

thanks! i was wondering, i wanted to use indeed multiple samples, and didn't know how to do it. will experiment with what is for me the best workflow, now i know what it expects.

also +1, i use scales, not that often, but since the Plasmonic update, that also uses MTS-ESP (i also have LION, and Generate, but i didn't really pay attention), or can use MTS-ESP, i am starting to get an interest in the MTS-ESP of ODDsound, it will also be the timing, that i am at a phase (....) that i want, or need this. need is a big word.

dynamic tuning per voice, i believe.

i hope it will be implemented (and that ODDsound, also will allow for more than one scale for all plugins... it is requested, but it seems difficult, or perhaps not that difficult, i don't know... not their plan...
but i must still demo it.....)

yes! again a soft synth with a very own character! as expected. simply great!

aha great, yes on BF! well, we are ready!!

@alan, it is strange, if you can read german, it is already mentioned in this thread, you see what Sumu will be. how it works, the interview, not only about Sumu, it are 2 interviews!, is quite extensive. it reveils a lot.

so some are in the strange position, to have already an insight...

there is indeed a lot, a lot of info about Sumu in its current state...

i must read the article again, not because my german is so bad, a lot of info...

strangely it reminds, but there are a lot of differences, me on a project that i am beta tester and sometimes more.. for.. also 64 partials, but quite different, but it has PM per partial, you can connect aything to it... and other cv destinations...

but still the madrons approach adds, well special shiny possibilities.

and indeed 64 partials are enough, and PM or is it real FM? adds to the character and the bandwidth of a additive/spectral synth, a lot i may add, the other goodies i have to hear what the give to the 64 partials....

Die Welt ist alles, was der Fall ist

(i quote only what i have really read... wittgenstein of course, the first sentence, of tractatus-logico philosophicus, or 'number', and the last sencence, or entry is one of the most misunderstood lines in the world... sorry for this deviation... of mine...)

great to know! and again! looking forward to it!

is there a kind of ETA.... for Sumu... for me a much anticipated synth... Spectral!
the Madrona Labs way... so...

i already said this! o well.. me like repetition.

of course i didn't expect spectral editing, it was in the context of Iris 2. i also have spectralayers pro 7, not real-time, but a sounddesign monster, in a (big...) chain of sounddesign monsters (Kaivo, and now also Aalto has joined the club).

i am very curious how you implement it. i already mentioned, in an other way, that i was very surprised about the capabilities of Aalto, in my memory, it was a good synth, when i demoed it, but now i have it; and wow.. (especially with MPE).

so, based on these 2 synths, i am looking forward to Sumu. every unique approach, with enough controls, will get me..

perhaps not the right thread, but this about MPE.
what is a pity, that release velocity isn't implemented. it isn't really a part of MPE, X Y Z, is mpe. even my sl 49 mk ii, can do release velocity (i discovered by accident), it is quite unknown, also among developers.

release velocity for KAIVO, because that is the only instrument i own from Madrona Labs, till now.. would be a great addition... it is quite underrated..

iris is strangely not a real spectral synth, yes it makes a spectogram, but you can't really perform spectral editing. still a great synth iris 2.

spectral synths, are there any, yes. but not to my taste, or too expensive, and i can get the same results, with more steps, but that has also it's advantages.
(and i am someone who bought for instance accSone Crusher-X, so when i want something..)

additive synhts, also not many, more than spectral.

so i am very curious about SUMU. because granular and spectral, is my main focus now, of course with all other stuff i can use, i build ad hoc...

and strangely ableton live 11 suite has turned into a experimental playground.. for spectral and granular.. or strangely, with M4L, it is nót strange. like that they go their own way.

the kyma comparison makes me even more curious! (and the MAX comparision, which can do spectral very well, but me can't do MAX very well...).

if it is as good as KAIVO, well...