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Another big +1, again. I have written Randy about it a few times. One of my greatest plugin desires right now!

More agreement with zachy9 and alan here!

I am very, deeply, profoundly interested in more resonators and bodies. I am so excited to hear about the plans for a major update (and of course a minor one. Oh, and Sumo :p) Fairly frequently, I find myself literally looking for an excuse to send more money to you Randy/Madrona labs. Please make these dreams real!

I am also experiencing this issue in Ableton Live 10 Suite and Bitwig Studio 3. I'm on windows 10 enterprise N LTSC (10.0.17763 build 17763). 17-9700k.

It doesn't seem to be caused by any specific presets, and sometimes it occurs after opening a saved project without switching anything at all. The only reliable solution I've found is to delete the plugin, reinsert it, and reopen the preset.

Not sure if it's related, but I just remembered to mention that I also have an occasional issue with Aaltoverb loading either in demo mode or "blank" (text, authorization, etc. missing) in saved projects. Sometimes closing and reopening the project a few times fixes it, otherwise it's the same solution as above here, which is a real bummer when there's a bunch of automation to copy to the new instance.