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Hiya! Was wondering if there's plans to add additional resonators to Kaivo down the line? (also curious how involved the implementation of new resonators is!). I love the existing ones, but feel like there's tons of potential for new ones too - realized this when I was trying to make a convincing wind sound, because I haven't yet been very successful yet sadly with the existing resonators..

In particular, I think wind instruments (brass+woodwind tubes, pvc pipe even?), wooden bars, and various membrane/drumheads would be valuable additions to the resonator palette. Maybe even a vocal cord resonator (or a general purpose reed).

As for Bodies, it feels like the sky is the limit - it'd be pretty fun to have a formant option for vowel sounds, haha, would work great with the 2d modulation :D

Feel free to post if you have any more ideas, also!

I'm definitely interested in hearing other ideas for resonators. I'd like to sneak at least one into a free update, then add some more ambitious stuff with the next major version.

Wind sounds are definitely a gap at present! You can kind of get there with the chime, and I think i have a couple of presets that attempt it. But a real pipe resonator is definitely called for.

The difficulty of the work depends on quite a few things. Even with mathematically simpler resonators, dialing in useful ranges and curves for parameters can take a lot of playing and listening.

The more the merrier :)

I'm a bit embarrassed to ask (but I will anyway :) ), knowing that you're hard at work on Sumu, but is there any timetable for additional resonators? I love physical modeling and creating sounds like prepared guitar, prepared piano, etc.

It's cool—I'm a bit embarrassed it's taken so long! I really don't know about a timetable—as you say, I'm just trying to get Sumu out—but I can commit to doing at least another couple of resonators or bodies for Kaivo soon after Sumu ships.

Thanks. It's always nice to have things to look forward to.

I'm glad to hear you mention the possibility of major update to Kaivo—I'm always disappointed by developers who abandon things and then move on to new plugins, but I understand the financial motives. That's why I'm always happy to pay for a substantial update if the developer needs to charge for it.

All the existing plugins will definitely be getting major updates in the coming year. I'm excited to be rolling out a new graphics layer that will make things generally faster, better multi-core support, native Apple Silicon support and lots of other improvements. These will be v2 versions and will be paid upgrades.

At one point I did promise at least some new models for Kaivo for free so I'll sneak some into another 1.x update before I send out v2.

Thanks for the note!

PAID upgrades??!! Seriously, I agree with everything zachy9 said. I'm happy to support anything you're doing, especially since your VSTs are so unique. I wrote this somewhere a long time ago, but sometimes I'll read raves about a synth, and when I listen to the sounds, they're things I've heard a thousand times before. I'm happy that you're following your own path instead of doing yet another recreation of a classic (i.e. old) synth or variations on things that are already out there.

More agreement with zachy9 and alan here!

I am very, deeply, profoundly interested in more resonators and bodies. I am so excited to hear about the plans for a major update (and of course a minor one. Oh, and Sumo :p) Fairly frequently, I find myself literally looking for an excuse to send more money to you Randy/Madrona labs. Please make these dreams real!