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Do you think you might offer a pre-order in time for christmas?

I'm glad to hear you mention the possibility of major update to Kaivo—I'm always disappointed by developers who abandon things and then move on to new plugins, but I understand the financial motives. That's why I'm always happy to pay for a substantial update if the developer needs to charge for it.

Glad for the update — I am also glad to participate in the Beta if you need additional testers (Logic/Bitwig). I didn't see a call for testers on the email list so I wasn't sure if it went out or if I missed it.

I just got a copy of Aalto Beat (the monophonic version of Aalto). If I use it in projects then later buy and install the full version of Aalto, will those instances of the plugin be replaced by the full version with their settings intact, or do they have to replaced manually?

In other words are they the same VST/AU or two different ones?