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Forgive me if this is dumb. I've been using mostly hardware modular synths of late, but am getting back into aalto. How do you assign individual parameters to midi controllers? Is it possible? I can find no manual, or any documentation on this at all. Doesn't mean it doesn't exist, but maybe that I haven't been paying enough attention....but how and if?

There's no built in: you have to use whatever generic Learn function your host has. They (Madrona) may have changes planned for that - I'm not sure.

ok. I was kind of coming to that conclusion. I just loaded up Numerology - I think that they have the capability (as does Bidule) of mapping this stuff. I'm kind of rusty with it though.

I hope it's put in there explicitly. Aalto is really the one softsynth that calls to me these days, and I'd really like to have an easy way of using an interesting step sequencer to modulate its parameters.

ah just found it - well, something. Randy is saying he is at least listing CC's in the manual (coming out within a couple weeks it seems)...

man I hear you - I think it says a lot that you're exploring Aalto when you've got a bunch of hardware around!

A number of people on the muffwiggler forum who are heavily into analog modular synths are exploring aalto.

And so they are! Man, thanks for the tip, just checked it out - didn't realize software got discussed over there. Good discussion, too.

I'm a little envious of the high activity at Muffwiggler :) - hopefully it catches on here also.

OK now I see why Numerology is the choice for most Modular/Analog people. The CV thing makes it... so cool. For anyone reading, especially who are making solely computer-based music, and find Numerology to be too much/too expensive, I recommend Colorflex by Twisted Tools for sequencing. It's a Reaktor ensemble/instrument, so you'll need that too, but it certainly qualifies as interesting, and when hosted in something like Bidule that has limitless routing possibilities, and re-Wire.... loving it.

I haven't yet heard anyone incorporate Aalto into an otherwise Hardware recording, or some permutation of that, but maybe I'm not looking in the right places. I am wishing for a lot more activity at the soundcloud group page too - I could stand to hear a dozen new Aalto tracks a day (or make them). Songs, experiments, whatever.

Hi, Any update on this? I', currently trying to use MIDI Learn with Kaivo / Aalto in Ableton. Not much luck so far

Aalto and Kaivo work just like other plugins do in Ableton, using MIDI map mode: